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Yes, there are many continental clubs such as Barcelona.

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After losing Faberge at 16, he will not be able to give the players a full professional contract until they turn 16, risking losing his player on his 16th birthday. The stash has brought Cisco Fareast, Federico Machida, Giuseppe Rossi, Gerardo Pique and many more to England in recent years. The story has also prompted many clubs, especially in France, to put their young players on a “contract search” – a difficult contract in the face of a non-compliant contract under British law.

Accordingly, FIFA’s Conflict Group ruled on Thursday that the pre-Lakota agreement was not only a guarantee, but also an agreement with the detainees By offering Kaput a salary, Chelsea persuaded the player to break a coercive contract.

One solution offered – approved by UEFA Michael Platinum and FIFA Sap Blaster – is to prevent players under the age of 18 from traveling. Gordon Taylor, president of the Professional Football Association and president of FoxPro, called for such a move today.

“In general, there is a feeling that banning children under 18 may be better for the sport,” Taylor told BBC Radio 5 해외스포츠중계 Week.

“Football is competitive.

Not all the best teenagers can be in big and rich clubs. “You should encourage clubs if they have programs to encourage young people to adopt and play boys.” “Going forward, which is inevitable, you need to have a system that pays a reasonable and efficient fee. After all, you can’t. stopping people from moving, but the rewards are good.

“I do not think Chelsea’s position will reach this point if an agreement is reached between the two clubs.

While travel restrictions for people under the age of 18 may be high,

Therefore, eradicating the fraudulent nature of rich, powerful clubs is not a state that can be legally established in any industry. In Kaput, a contract employee at the age of 14 will have a three-year contract at the age of 17. This is about six years when the player is in his youth. In every other industry, it is considered child slavery today. The defense would encourage the continued development of young talent. Why are clubs increasing the training of players when they are allowed to go free?

But Taylor understands the market so that a rich club can hire young talent, while similar performances are alive and well and strengthen its members if the player is not considered “younger” too. According to current regulations, this dichotomous character is unstable.

Not surprisingly,

Clubs like Lens and Le Hare feel lured by big clubs that take their talented young players free of charge. However, the problem of youth change that has been highlighted in Paul Pombo ‘s Kaput case is certainly a sign of a rising industry on the other side. Football as a region has allowed salaries, transfers and continued transfer of funds from the media to the sector to a point of instability. At 18, Lakota earns around £ 1 million a year without hitting the ball for the Chelsea boss.

First and foremost, football needs to be financially stable – use only what it can. While the debts of the big clubs in the region are huge, it looks like UEFA and FIFA will only work. Manchester United are one of the few best clubs in Europe to abide by the rule that salaries (and bonuses) do not exceed 60 per cent of profits, even if the Glazers have a $ 700 million loan to the club.

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