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WPC2027 LIVE: Get the latest information on the upcoming WPC 2027!

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The Women’s Premier Soccer League, commonly referred to as WPSL, is an independent, women’s soccer league in the United States and Canada that was formed in 1997. Currently, the league features over 100 teams and more than 500 players who compete on some of the top women’s soccer clubs in North America. The WPSL has been organized in four separate regions – Northeast, Midwest, South and West with each region including several states or provinces and numerous individual leagues that operate within those regions.


We’re busy behind-the-scenes getting everything ready for WPC2027! In early January we will announce our complete schedule, so stay tuned. The opening ceremony will begin at 8pm, and all committee and speaker sessions start at 9am daily. We encourage you to attend as many sessions as possible—no conference pass is required to attend an open session (although certain conferences are limited in capacity and may require a pre-registration). If you’re joining us for a couple days, be sure to plan ahead, know where your sessions are located so that you can maximize your time. Check out our full guide with more details soon; note also that first aid stations will be available throughout every day of WPC2027. Have questions? Feel free to reach out anytime via email or social media channels!

5 Top Tips for #WPC2027 : Attendees have been asking what they should bring. So here’s our top 5 tips: 1) Bring snacks 2) Be patient 3) Keep yourself hydrated 4) Find your friends 5) Don’t forget about cell service 😉 You’re welcome 🙂 Have questions? Feel free to reach out anytime via email or social media channels!

1/4/19 UPDATE: Interested in coming from outside Washington DC? Click here for important transportation updates. Have questions? Feel free to reach out anytime via email or social media channels!

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Program Structure

The program structure is still being finalized and will be published once we have a final list of accepted papers. We do know that there will be two days of workshops, divided into three tracks covering core areas in natural language processing (NLP): parsing, semantics and pragmatics, and applications. Each workshop day ends with a keynote talk from a leading researcher in that area. The conference day has contributed talks for each track along with special invited talks by leaders in NLP and an invited tutorial. It also features panel discussions with experts on hot topics such as Brexit impact on translation or exploring AI/NLP trends around machine translation. There are also poster sessions where attendees can present their work to fellow researchers. And finally, there’s a social event where attendees can get together and celebrate all things NLP!

Speakers and Panels

The agenda for WPC2027, an international conference held in Berlin, Germany and attended by digital advertisers, has just been released. The two-day event features over 80 speakers and covers a wide range of topics including mobile, big data and programmatic advertising. Even better? At least 10 sessions will be broadcast live so that you can get involved whether you’re attending in person or watching from afar! Keep your eyes peeled here for more info about those sessions as we get closer to WPC2027. In addition to these presentations, there are also a number of panels featuring smaller groups discussing relevant issues facing digital advertisers today. While not everyone is able to attend these events in person, don’t worry—they will all be recorded and posted online after WPC2027 ends. We hope you enjoy them! To learn more about what exactly goes down at conferences like these, check out our past posts highlighting talks from previous conferences like AdTech Toronto 2017 . We promise it’ll make you wish it was November already…


This year’s WordPress Conference, happening from June 16th to 19th, will be attended by many of you! It’s always a wonderful time to connect with your fellow WordPress enthusiasts and get caught up on some of our most recent news. A number of exciting announcements are planned for 2027, but no one knows exactly what they are yet. This is because new things can pop up at any time and we don’t want to spoil anything in advance. The only way we can share some news with you is to invite you to join us in person!


The location of WPC 2027 will be decided through a bidding process. The bidding can be initiated by either host city or a member association. As of yet, no proposals have been submitted. In general, only countries belonging to FIFA’s four-year electoral cycle are eligible to hold World Cups, though there have been exceptions in cases where it was deemed politically expedient and economically sustainable to do so (examples include Italy in 1934 and Japan in 2002). Under current FIFA rules, any country may bid for any World Cup except those hosting the previous two tournaments.

An international group stage (32 teams) is held from June 14–28, 2026 with all games hosted at AFC’s Centre Of Excellence in Hanoi which features 5 training fields alongside one game field including 5 accommodations quarters beside it while 1 stadium is being used as an additional accommodation quarter specifically built for WPC2027 event that consists more than 80 rooms.

The Drawbacks of Attending

If you’re looking to network with other content marketers and can afford to make it a trip, then attending is a no-brainer. But if you don’t fit into one of those two categories, keep in mind that it’s hard to stand out at a conference as a regular attendee. You risk spending hundreds of dollars on registration fees only to be lost in all of the other attendees, who are likely much more experienced than you are. Plus, you probably have bills piling up back home and would rather spend your time there working for free—which many aspiring content marketers do because they know that job opportunities often arise after attending an event.

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