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Window Cleaner That Performs Thorough Window Cleaning

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We offer window cleaning throughout Zealand

Are you looking for a cheap Vinduespudser in Holbæk, Ringsted, Næstved or a completely different place on Zealand to handle the window cleaning? Then you have come to the right company.

At Jacobsens Rengøring, we handle your window cleaning, regardless of where you live in Zealand, and regardless of whether you are a private person or a business customer. However, we have especially many detached house owners who want to have professional window cleaning done by our company.

Why should you choose a professional window cleaner like us?

For many families, window cleaning can seem like a lengthy and tedious affair to throw over. Window cleaning is therefore often neglected in favor of other cleaning in the home.

Maybe you do not think about how dirty your windows are, or maybe you ended up with striped windows after trying to clean them yourself.

Whether you are too busy to do window cleaning yourself, or you just think its boring work, our window cleaners are ready to clean your windows shiny and clean.

However, a professional window cleaning does not only give you beautiful windows. We also remove both dirt and polluting particles that have settled on your windows.

Gets a permanent agreement on window cleaning with us?

With us, you do not have to give the window cleaning a thought at all once you have entered into a fixed agreement. We offer both a fixed cleaning day, a fixed price and a fixed interval between the windows cleaning. You are guaranteed with 100% certainty that our window cleaners will show up as agreed.

Our prices on outdoor window cleaning

Should the window facade be plastered? Our prices for outdoor window cleaning start from only DKK 90 for private detached house owners in, for example, Holbæk, Næstved, Ringsted or the rest of Zealand.

Are you in doubt about whether your windows need a window cleaning, or do you want to enter into a permanent agreement with us? So feel free to contact us Jacobsens Rengø Then we will get back to you quickly with an answer to your inquiry or a non-binding offer on window cleaning or polishing of windows.

We are a growing window cleaning company

Jacobsens Rengøring is a growing window cleaning company. We clean windows for both private detached house owners and companies, and in the last few years our clientele, especially in Vestegnen and in the Central and West Zealand area, including Hvidovre, Ballerup, Ølstykke, Roskilde, Køge, Slagelse, Holbæk and Næstved, has grown a lot. . We are now also expanding with window washing in North Zealand and south of Køge.

Our distinctive black and yellow logo is known by many all over Zealand, and it is associated with professional window cleaning. It is a reputation that we cherish every time we embark on a task – big or small. We want to be known for performing high-quality window cleaning for the customer, and for ensuring a high level of safety for the employee. This is our goal in the daily work as a window cleaner.

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