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What profits you can get if install EV charging station in India?

EV charging stations in India
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Many experts, including the IEA, believe that EV adoption—and the environmental and economic advantages that come with it—are mostly driven by the behaviors and policies of cities and local governments that are responsible for establishing EV charging infrastructure. With the transition to clean energy well underway, it’s critical to understand why your town would want to put up electric vehicle charging stations and encourage the purchase of small cars. Here are at least best ways EV can help to think about EV installations.

5 main benefits or facilities that provided by EV

Clients that is environmentally mindful

If your company provides eco-friendly products or wants to attract clients who care about the environment, EV charging stations can encourage them to do business with your company. According to the researchers, cash earned by sales from consumers who shop while their vehicle is charging accounts for around half of the chargers’ earnings. Business owners may recuperate installation expenses and, of course, generate cash from charging stations by invoicing consumers for their use. However, enhanced profitability occurs in many circumstances when EV charging stations draw clients to a company, particularly a restaurant or retail site, and encourage them to remain broader.

Earn revenue by installing EV charging

With EV charging stations in India is such a great demand in some regions of the nation, charging consumers for the service is a no-brainer. You may drastically lower the cost of your EV charging stations by taking advantage of local and state incentive programmes and rebates, allowing you to realize profits promptly.

Prepare your business for Future

Tesla alone sold nearly half a million completely electric vehicles in 2020, despite a presidential government that opposed EV manufacture as well as switch over. As more people seek a cleaner future, you can place your company ahead of the curve with EV charging stations, reaping enormous benefits such as increased profitability. To learn more about how EV Connect may help you, contact us now!

Attracting and keeping tenants

Charging is a direct approach for landlords and property managers to attract and keep renters who drive electric vehicles. Hosting an EV charging station is a highly visible approach to demonstrate the environmental ideals of a building or property management organisation.

This might assist to create a green image that attracts and maintains renters and consumers that share similar values. Companies will add a new aspect to their corporate identity by providing this service for free, as many facilities already do.

Parking costs and user charges

Charging-station hosts can earn money directly from the customers who utilise the station’s services. Although it is legal in India to resell power at a greater rate than that specified by the utility, owners can generate money by charging through pay-for-parking services.

Using these technologies often necessitates the installation of modern EV charging station devices. However, it should be mentioned that, as of now, many establishments have chosen not to charge for the usage of the station and instead provide it as a free service.

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