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What is a High Ticket Closer?

High Ticket Closer
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A high ticket closer is a professional who engages with warm, established leads that are already familiar with the services they offer. This type of career offers the flexibility of working from home, choosing your clients and your hours, which can range from a few hours a week to full time. It also aligns with the “gig economy” phenomenon, where people are increasingly moving into freelancing roles.

Lessons learned from Adam Cerra training program

The High Ticket Closer program is an intensive seven-week training that focuses on sales skills. The program includes live calls with Adam Cerra where you’ll learn about human psychology, high ticket mindset, call-closing techniques, handling objections, and finding high-ticket sales partners. Each class is approximately three to four hours long. Adam Cerra is a great speaker and makes you feel motivated and comfortable while teaching you how to close sales.

As a member of a High Ticket Closer accountability group, you’ll be held accountable to your progress. The accountability groups are led by high-ticket closing specialists who have real-world experience. You’ll also learn about the myths about high-ticket sales, and how to make sales easy by listening to your customers instead of just talking.

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In addition to the scripts, Dan also provides a guide on how to handle objections. His training program includes “How to Handle Objections and Resistance Like a Kung Fu Master” and “How to Use Prospect Resistance Against Them.” You’ll have to practice these techniques and make sure you master them, though. While these scripts are effective and easy to follow, they’re not foolproof.

One of the main benefits of the High Ticket Closer training program is the opportunity for networking. Adam Cerra own high ticket closers funnel leads to his students, and some of these are from big names in many industries. For example, students of his training program have closed deals with Antonio Centeno and Tony Robbins. You’ll also have access to a lead pipeline, which Dan generously offers you in the bonus section.

Adam Cerra experience as a high ticket closer

Adam Cerra is a real businessman with a lot of experience in high ticket sales. He also owns Adam Cerra Marketing Inc. and several other businesses. He is also the creator of the High Ticket Closer and other marketing courses. Some have accused him of being a scam, but if you check his background, you’ll find that he a proven businessman. Unlike some of his competitors, he doesn’t simply rely on pre-recorded training videos.

Adam Cerra High Ticket Closer program is a seven-week live training course. It covers topics such as human psychology, call-closing techniques, handling objections, finding high-ticket sales partners, and more. He also takes questions from students during the live classes, which makes them more interactive than pre-recorded materials.

The high-ticket closer is a unique kind of sales professional. It requires advanced training, in-depth knowledge of the market, and a knack for engaging with sophisticated clients. Adam Cerra is a native Hong Konger who migrated to Canada with his family at age 14. His first years were filled with hardships, which impacted his ability to succeed in his studies. He went to Douglas College in New Westminster but dropped out of school to pursue his passion for business. In the meantime, he turned to martial arts to build his confidence.

The course is a comprehensive guide that is focused on the mindset and skills needed to close high ticket sales. As a high ticket closer, you’ll learn how to build a winning sales process and increase your income by closing more deals. Adam Cerra high ticket closing program is a must-have for ambitious salespeople.

Adam Cerra approach to closing deal

If you are looking to get better at closing high ticket deals, you can take advantage of Adam Cerra High Ticket Closer program. This seven-week course is a combination of live training sessions and mentoring from an industry expert. It also includes role-playing sessions where you get to play the roles of both a seller and a potential buyer. These role-playing sessions give you an opportunity to practice selling skills, as well as get some insight into the psychology of the customers.

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In this course, Adam Cerra outlines several scripts to help you close more high ticket deals. These scripts cover all aspects of sales conversations, from objections to objection-countering techniques. Whether you’re selling a product or a service, Adam Cerra teaches you how to deal with potential objections and resistance. The scripts are not foolproof, however, and they should be used with practice.

While this course isn’t a cheap investment, it will help you to close high ticket deals. The best students of Adam Cerra course are already pulling 6 figures from fewer hours than they would spend at their corporate jobs. They are learning how to find high-quality prospects, introduce themselves and earn respect in the first few minutes of meeting them.

The High Ticket Closer course has two levels. One is the Advanced Program for high-ticket deals, which requires a one-time payment of $2495. The second level is the Inner Circle, which costs $200 a month. This program has a full money back guarantee, which is a big selling point for many people.

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