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Websites and Podcasts with the Best Movie Reviews

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Everyone has different motivations for seeking movie reviews, and everyone has varied movie tastes and levels of passion. Some moviegoers search up movie reviews prior to going to watch a film on toonova, while others use them afterward to continue the conversation.


Some people seek movie reviews for the sole purpose of locating a decent film to watch. Watching a movie, whether at a theater or at home, takes a significant amount of time, & time is money.


As a result, if you tend to read a review and listen to one on the podcast, we’ve gathered a list of all the finest sites to go for movie reviews.


Audio Reviews for Podcasts


  1. Now Playing


This show has three main hosts, as well as a changing panel of critics who are all well-versed in film and cinema. They examine which films, particularly series, have been hits and which have been missed over the years.


It’s unusual reviewers not only evaluate a new movie every week, but also every movie in the franchise immediately prior to that new release if the current film is a sequel.


  1. Collider Movie Talk


This show is distinct in that each issue is a video rather than a podcast. It has about 5 hosts who chat about the newest in movie news, and shows are usually about an hour long.


This show includes three main hosts, as well as a shifting panel of critics.

It does not center on a single film or series, but rather on a number of films that are currently in cinemas, have recently been released, or are old films that are somehow relevant to the debate.


  1. Mad about Movies


This show publishes weekly reviews & hosted by three friends, maintains the same broad formula in every episode, in which the three philosophers first discuss general cinema news on movierulz 1234, then dive into an in-depth discussion of one recently released film, and finally, their weekly suggestions.


The episodes range in duration from 30 minutes to two hours, but the three hosts have terrific chemistry and are both intelligent and funny.


Website Reviews


  1. Rotten Tomatoes


This is where everyone goes to get a fast rating and rundown on upcoming, current, and upcoming-to-theaters films. If you already believe Rotten Tomatoes’ ratings and merely want to get a sense of what the overall consensus is on a certain film, Rotten Tomatoes is a terrific resource.


The “Tomatometer” displays the percentage of commentators who gave the film a favorable review. It contains a little amount of data about the film, but not a comprehensive storyline summary or review, as well as a cast list.


  1. PluggedIn


This is the go-to movie review website for parents who want to understand specifically what their children are watching. It lays forth all of the good, bad, and ugly.


It begins with a summary of the plot before delving into the pro’s and cons of the film, such as brutality, language, & sexual material.


  1. Commentary on the Film


This website is intended for the more academic film enthusiast, not for average moviegoers who truly enjoy watching films for the purpose of seeing them.


Film Comment publishes print publications that focus on a few films and include scholarly pieces analyzing various aspects of the films’ aesthetic merits. These publications can also be found on their website.

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