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Vape Maintenance Tips

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Wasn’t it like getting a new automobile when you finally buy vape disposable pens? Looking at how sleek and beautiful it looks, the day it was brought to you was certain to delight you. It is also the most sophisticated of its type on the market.

However, after around two months of intermittent vaping, your gadget has become unclean. It has turned gunky, and it is no longer in pristine shape. It is underwhelming in terms of performance. You’re considering placing an order from the best vape delivery Ottawa, but hang on. As a rookie vaper, you must keep your uninformed compulsiveness under control. Instead of putting away your old vape, why not learn how to clean it?

When Is It Time to Clean Your Vape?

You’ll want to fully appreciate the fresh flavor of your e-juice and not have it overshadowed by the previous one you vaped. As a result, every time you change e-juice flavors, it is best to rinse and clean the tank of your device. Your vaporizer should also be given an once-over once a week. At the absolute least, your gadget should be completely cleaned every few weeks.

However, if your device’s performance begins to deteriorate, you will need to thoroughly clean it.

How to Clean Your Vape’s Tank

It’s an all-too-common error to fill your tank with a fresh e-liquid flavor, only to have a lingering aftertaste of the e-juice you just used. To prevent this, you should clean your vape tank. A simple rinse will suffice, but there may be instances when you will need to clean your equipment with alcohol.

A quick rinse

  • Fill a dish halfway with warm water.

  • Take the tank out of the mod.

  • Empty the tank of any leftover e-liquid.

  • Completely disassemble the tank.

  • Place the tank components in a basin.

  • Wash these pieces under running water until they are clean. If the tank is really unclean, use a little bit of dish soap.

  • Wipe each component dry with a paper towel.

  • Allow it to dry in the air for 10 to 15 minutes.

  • Reassemble the tank and the gadget.

Using alcohol for deep cleaning

  • Remove the tank from the mod and discard any e-liquid that remains.

  • Completely disassemble the tank.

  • Scrub any e-juice deposits in the tank using a cloth dampened with high-proof, unflavored vodka.

  • Rinse it with warm water after wiping it clean.

  • Allow for 10 to 15 minutes of air drying.

  • Reassemble the tank and the gadget.

How to Change Vape Coils

Your device’s coil must be changed, not cleaned. The coil has a large impact on the flavor of your vaping, therefore the more you do it, the more often you need to replace it. If this part of your device turns black or damaged, and your puffing starts to taste burned, it’s time to replace it. The same is true if your vaporizer generates less vapor. Here’s how to go about it:

  • Disconnect the tank from your smartphone.

  • Remove any leftover e-juice.

  • To remove the coil from the tank, turn it to the left.

  • Screw in the fresh coil to secure it.

  • Reattach the tank to the device.

  • You can use your vape for years to come if you follow this easy advice on how to clean it and maintain it in excellent operating order.

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