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Uttari Betta Sunrise Trek takes you through nature with the help of caves, forests and huge boulders, where upon arrival we are presented with an astonishing view of the enormity of life. This trek ensures that trekkers feel at one with the abundant wildlife and flora that characterizes its route to offer. So if you also want to connect with nature completely, then definitely come on this trek and be a part of the biggest thing here.

Bangalore is surrounded by many magnificent hills and hills. North Betta, the fortified hill known as Hutridurga, in the south-east of Kunigal taluk is one of the most popular trekking trails in Karnataka and is not without reason known for its spectacular beauty. This popular trekking trail in Karnataka is a five-kilometre climb that treats adventurers to stunning views and leaves a mark for the rest of their lives.

This trek is not only a super master of natural scenery, but it also enthrals through the historic fort walls, and intricate stone steps. An interesting fact is that this hill fort is said to have eight entrances from the foot to the summit, apart from several outer gates. On top of this, the trek saves the temple of Summit Shankareshwara with a sweeping view of the landscape surrounded by a large number of hills.


The best months to visit North Betta, The Betta are beautiful throughout the year. The best months are considered to be July to February because, during monsoon, the experience of walking amongst the lush greenery and clouds is nothing more than fun. During the winter months, the atmosphere is alluring and alluring. The North Betta Sunrise Trek is popular during the summer months for the beautiful cloud formation and escaping the intense summer sun during the day.


11:00 PM: Pickup starts from various designated points from Bangalore.

02:30 AM: Arrive at the base of Uttari Betta and take a rest for sometime.

03:00 AM: Begin the climb to the Uttari Betta Peak.

04:30 AM: Reach the summit of Uttari Betta and relax by the campfire while watching the sunrise.

07:00 AM: After sunrise descend back towards base point

07:30 AM Visit Ramnagar Campsite for breakfast

08:30 AM Have breakfast and enjoy some time swimming and kayaking in the lake

10:30 AM Back to Bangalore via Ramanagara

Reach Bangalore at 12:30 PM


Starting Point – Kunigal, Tumkur District, Karnataka

Difficulty level – Easy to Moderate.

Trekking Time – 2 to 3 hours

Trekking Distance – 5 Kms


  •   Sunrise is indeed an incredible sight, making it an extraordinary end to the journey of the uttari  Betta Night Trek.
  •   The North Betta Trek is one of the most famous excursions in Karnataka that takes in a staggering green sight mysteriously moved across the city area.
  •   As the Western Ghats, the journey to North Betta begins from a small town that opens up to the fort divider and later experiences seven stone entrances to reach the midpoint of the journey, with the summit of Sankareshwar. Sanctuary. This special sunrise trek takes you straight to the centre of nature. With caves, forests and large boulders that make one wonder about the enormity of life. This ensures that travellers get a feel for their way with the bountiful untamed life and flora that it brings to the table.


  •   This trekking trail is overflowing with unique excellence and wonder for every trekker.
  •   It is one such trek that offers a unique encounter, and the site is ready to tell you all its grandeur. The journey is simple and is only 5 km away.
  •   This trekking trail is considered a standout amongst other treks. Prairie Head, a slope covered with large boulders, is where the trek ends.
  •   North Betta has pleasant weather throughout the year. During the summer months, the North Betta Sunrise Trek from Bangalore is popular for witnessing pre-monsoon cloud formations.



This trek is primarily a trek focused on the Jungle Experience. It is designed for group trekking and provides a thrilling experience. This trek helps you to get into harmony with the terrain and your surroundings. If you are also a fan of taking up the challenge. Then this trek is just the right trek which will make you feel the most amazing. With the beauty of the surroundings on offer. As you reconnect with the outside in this trek. You also keep connecting with your group as you share a unique experience together.

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