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Types of Kratom Product

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Kratom has become known across nations due to its acclaimed wellness and health benefit. Although this is still under research, their kratom is being used by some people. Kratom comes and is taken in many forms. Some forms you might find in kratom include powder, tincture, and capsule.

Before we jump into the many forms of kratom, it’s important to understand the type of kratom and how to identify them. Kratom is usually differentiated by the color of its vein and stem. Surprisingly, you can also use the color to tell the age of the plant.

Kratom originated from Southeast Asia and has become popular around the world today. As said earlier, kratom is characterized by the vein color, and they are divided into three main types – Red, White, and Green.

These three are the primary type of kratom; however, other variations exist—for Instance, yellow kratom results from red kratom that has undergone a special fermentation process. There are several ways of identifying a kratom. Sometimes, kratom is named by where it originated from; a good example is Red Bali which originates from Bali.

Kratom can also be identified by their local term. For example, Maeng Da is the Thai language that translates to premium. Although Kratom is popular in the United States, they naturally grow in Southeast Asia countries.

Types of Kratom Product

Depending on the form you prefer, there are different forms in which kratom can be taken.

Kratom Powder

The powder is the most popular and economical form you will find kratom in because it involves a simple process and does not require additional manufacturing processing. This powdered form can be used to make other products like tea and capsules.

To make kratom powder of any strain, the leaves are harvested and then crushed until a smooth and powdery consistency is achieved. If you don’t have access to leaves, you can buy green maeng da kratom powder from certified brands or vendors.

Kratom Capsule

Capsules are created by filling capsules with kratom powder. Many people prefer taking a kratom capsule because it’s already measured and in doses. You can buy red Borneo kratom capsules from a certified vendor; however, it would be advisable to consult your physician before consuming these supplements.

Kratom Tincture

Tinctures are extracts with a diluted liquid base. Kratom tinctures are generally made from powder, and they are usually more concentrated than the other forms. Tinctures are generally in a bottle with droppers to make the dose measurement easier.

Kratom Extract

Kratom extract is the most concentrated form you will find a kratom. This means that little dose of kratom extract will have a high effect compared to other forms. The leaves are boiled to get an extract, and the mixture is strained for the extract. Extracts are known the be more potent.

Kratom Tea

Teas can also be counted as extracts because they involve the same boiling process. Undiluted kratom tea is very potent and might be difficult to measure in doses. So taking a little at a time comes highly recommended.

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