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Trends in Instagram 2022

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Trends in Instagram 2022


Trend #1 on Instagram AR effects


Augmented reality isn’t new to Instagram. These funny Snapchat-like cat masks are well-known and used at least once. But the trend isn’t over.

Although these masks will be accompanied by AR effects created by brands and casual users (check now) these masks won’t disappear. Brands can now create AR masks that include a product and a face.

This trend is very popular right now. You can check it out yourself by opening your Instagram account and viewing the Stories of your followers. What percentage of them have no effect? I’m sure not. AR masks are easy to virtualize, so even a non-name brand can reach its target audience with them.


How to use the trend


Make your masks. You can either ask an in-house designer or a freelancer for help if you are not tech-savvy. If your show goes viral, you might get many people following you.

This strategy has a drawback: some followers might not interact with your page. You can then decide what to do about those followers. Either manually remove some of the dead weight, or attract their attention by sharing your content.

You can make your brand’s AR effect. This allows your customers to interact with your product by allowing them to try on a piece of cloth or accessories. This is the path ASOS, Starbucks, and Off-White have already taken.


Trend #2 on Instagram Nano-influencers


It is important to prioritize quality over quantity when it comes to the following. This principle is also applicable when you are trying to reach an influencer. As they are called, Nano-influencers are bloggers who have a real audience and are responsive to their followers. The audience views the blogger as a friend and reads what is promoted.

These influencers can have as many as 5,000 followers. However, they are engaged people, not bots. Influencers love comments and like to comment a lot. One tip: The more detailed and informative the words are, the more people engage with the content.

Partnering with them can be cost-effective and a way to get new followers and clients.

These bloggers’ accounts look more like blogs than polished influencers’ profiles with thousands upon followers. Their Stories and feeds aren’t cluttered with ads, as brands don’t reach them often.


How to use the trend


Start collaborating with relevant nano-influencers who are in your target audience’s niche. It may not be easy to find the right blogger as you cannot rely solely on their followers. Combin Growth is a great place to start, where you can search for bloggers based on their location, hashtags, and gender.

You need to pay attention to how the influencer speaks to their audience, their engagement rate, and the overall quality of their followers (be sure they are not just Instagram shops or bots). Also, you should consider their reach.

We hope you understand the point. Just be sure that your audience is your buyer personas.

Once you have found your ideal nano-influencers, you can make them ambassadors for your brand and start an affiliate program. You can even offer coupons to bloggers’ audiences. You can also track the effectiveness of your campaign.


Trend #3 on Instagram Long captions


According to social media experts, this trend was already evident in influencers’ posts in 2019. Year after year, the average number of characters in a caption grows.

In 2016, we were used to seeing photos and videos that had a brief description or without any words. Instagram influencers now tend to write longer captions.

Communicating with your audience is key to building trust and increasing engagement. Bloggers who are confident in their audience’s authenticity and engagement will seek friendship with them. Friendship is communication.

Long captions are becoming a standard for bloggers, even influencers. Your captions don’t have to belong. Just let people know you care, and not just make content.

Instagram endorses this approach, claiming that words can help your media reach the Explore Tab.


This trend: How can you use it?


The account goals will determine the length of captions. It can feel odd to see lengthy captions on online store pages. If your account is linked to you, you can use captions as an advantage. You can include inspirational quotes, tips and advice, life stories, random thoughts, and other information.

Combin Scheduler can help you create engaging captions. Combin Scheduler will automatically format the captions you have written and display them as you intended. You can also add hashtags and emojis to your captions and tag other users.


#4 on Instagram Influence of TikTok


TikTok, a popular lip-sync app for teens and young adults, is very popular with kids and teens (now even adults) because it’s simple to create content and be famous in hours.

  • TikTok is the exact opposite of Instagram, making it difficult to get followers and decreasing reach.
  • The For You page is similar to Instagram’s Explore Tab. Users can find new creators and then follow them directly from the carrier.
  • TikTok is easy to create content and attract new followers to Instagram.
  • TikTok also has a powerful video editor that many Instagram bloggers use for Stories and IGTV. TikTok effects are fresh and new for Instagram.
  • TikTok also sets many trending memes and challenges that later become viral on Instagram.


This trend: How can you use it?


Start creating content on TikTok by opening a TikTok Account. You can find influencers who are relevant to your business and can help you promote your product.


Trend #5 in Instagram Bigger eCommerce potential


According to some rumors, Instagram’s top management wants to make the social network a Shopify equivalent. This trend is already evident. Check out the shopping tools Instagram has now available: Shoppable Stories and Stories, Shoppable Influencers’ Posts, Shop Section on the Explore, and Residents of the USA can also check out Instagram. Experts predict that this feature will be implemented in more nations this year.


This trend: How can you use it?


If you’re on the market for Instagram shopping, you can make a Facebook catalog, add all items, and start selling. Here is a detailed guide to how you can do it.


Trend #6 on Instagram Last updated Instagram analytics


This topic was covered in one of our webinars. Here’s the tip. Instagram is currently testing new insights to show how users find our Instagram profile. The update will focus on hashtags.

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Instagram will tell us how many impressions a hashtag has generated. This information will help you to research hashtags. This is likely not to be the last Instagram insights update. It is already available in some countries, so check your insights.


This trend: How can you use it?


Once you have the insights, you can use them to your advantage. This update will significantly simplify the process of hashtags research, as it can sometimes be difficult to find hashtags that will lead you to followers or profile visits.

However, impressions are just as important in Instagram analytics as reach and ER. This update and the Combin Growth hashtag suggestion will greatly increase your hashtags research.


Instagram trend #7 Instagram trend #7


People finally watched IGTV in 2019. One reason is that Instagram finally accepted landscape videos, which allowed creators and brands to share the content as they were.

Instagram introduced IGTV Series in October 2019. These videos work similarly to YouTube Up Next videos. The next clip is recommended for play when a current clip ends. You can also turn on notifications to be notified when a new episode is available from your favorite creator.


This trend: How can you use it?


You can start telling a story if you have one. Storytelling is a great selling tool and keeps people interested as they wait for the next episode. Think about how excited you are to watch the new episode of your favorite TV show. Marketing is the same.


Trend #8 on Instagram Tweets and memes


With TikTok’s interaction between Instagram and Twitter, this trend will become a big thing in 2020. Many meme accounts take screenshots of tweets and crop them for Instagram. These are often funny jokes or motivational quotes. We will see many Instagram tweets this year, regardless of the content.


This trend: How can you use it?


It would be best to make sure that your tweets, memes, and jokes are relevant to your audience to be a trendsetter. Your followers should find them relevant to their interests and be able to digest them easily. This is an excellent example because the jokes resonated well with the brand’s audience. The engagement from these posts was amazing.


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