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Top 5 Weekend treks from Bangalore

trekking near Bangalore
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Banglore is a beautiful city that is on the radar of tracking enthusiasts for its amazing trekking trails all around. Bangalore in general has been a preferred destination for young professionals and seekers. If you are a trekking enthusiast you must plan a weekend in Bangalore.


There are various marvellous trails near Bangalore. Some of them are :

Ramanagara: A location is known as the opportunity to trek in the ‘silk town’.

Ramangara has been the shooting venue for the Hindi cinema movie ‘Sholay’. The location is best suited for amateur trekkers as well as professionals. It is famed for its silk market and scenic trek. It beholds the Pattabhi Rama ancient temple and is also known for its rock climbing. A location is a perfect place for a weekend trek near Bangalore.


Ramangara is about 50 km away from Bangalore and has amazing views and weather. The trek ranges from a difficulty level of moderate to difficult. One can do camping, trekking, Bird watching and do amazing shopping. The location is mainly known for its pitch climbing and fishing possibility in Kava and Janapada Loka Reservoir.


Nandini Hills- Known as the trek in Tipu Sultan’s summer retreat.

The Nandini hills are also known as Nandidurga and are one of the most popular places for trekking near Bangalore. It is located at an altitude of 1478m. One can climb up to 1200 steps to reach the summer palace of Tipu Sultan which is located on the top. The location looks absolutely mesmerising and offers breathtaking views of being surrounded by the hills and Amrita Sarovar.


There is a famous rock outcrop of Nandini Hills known as Tipu’s drop. One can practice rock climbing and rappel over there. The location is about 60 km away from Bangalore and lets you have the most photogenic sunrise from Tipu’s drop. One can even do paragliding over there.


Madhugiri- The second largest monolithic rock present.

Madhugiri can be referred to as one of the best trekking places near Bangalore. Even though Madhugiri is one of the least explored trekking spots near Bangalore. It is the second-largest monolithic rock. After Savengiri is a beautiful scene to watch. While going for the trek to Madhugiri one can also see the Madhugiri fort which was built by Hyder Ali and inserted with honey bee colonies soon after it was built. 

Madhugiri is nearly 100 km away from Bangalore. One and half hour long trekking journey may be quite challenging at some stretches. Though it is considered to have a moderate level of difficulty. On the peak of the mountain, one can see the Architectural ruins of GopalaKrishna temple. Near Madhugiri one can also visit Pavagada fort.  


Anthargange- Uniquely formed little place

Anthargange is one the most frequently visited trekking places near Bangalore. It is a 3 km long journey that gets you through tough, tricky trails and has gorgeous destinations. anthargange is an easy level trek which is absolutely amazing. It is best suited for solo trekking and has overnight camping facilities in the caves. The location is frequently visited also because of the various elements present there. Volcanic rocks, boulders, small hillocks and beautiful caves are present along the trail of Anthargange.


Anthargange is about 70 km away from Bangalore. One can also visit Someshwara Temple and enjoy the experience of Cave exploration. It is an easy to visit trek as the difficulty level ranges from easy to moderate. The location is absolutely scenic and fun to explore. And is considered to be a  perfect location for a weekend trip. 


 Skandagiri: The pro trekking favourite location. 

The trek of SkandaGiri begins from the Papagani Temple and can be easily accessed from Bangalore, Nandi hills as well as Chikballapur town (Karnataka). In the entire stretch of trail, there are 2 caves found. The trek is mostly taken by experts and is considered to be a fairly tough trek. Skandagiri is also known as Kalavara Durga and is best suited for night trekking. People who love to explore will find this location to be suitable and best suited for amazing planned road trips to Bangalore. 


The location is about 61 km away from Bangalore. The highlights of the place are mainly camping and bird watching. It is a wonderful place to enjoy and cherish memories. One can also do fishing, bumper boat riding and jet skiing over there. Skandagiri is the perfect location for a weekend outing near Bangalore

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