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Top 5 Reasons To Choose Jewelry Design Course

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Jewellery designer is a professional who understand the client brief, researches the end consumers and accordingly devices concepts, visualize designs and then create jewellery, silverware and other decorative accessories utilizing different materials like precious or artificial stones, Silver, and Gold etc. 

A jewellery designer must not only understand traditional jewellery designing techniques and practices, but also must be in sync with ensuing trends, fashion as well as market dynamics, cultural and social aspects, and an insight into customer preferences. Furthermore, he must have functional & architectural understanding of materials including gold, precious and artificial stones & silver etc. besides being competent in fabrication techniques. He must also ensure that his designs should be economically viable.  

Reasons to choose jewellery design course:

Gain appropriate skills: Jewellery Design course will facilitate developing of following skills, important for a successful career:

    • Artistic skills are a must so as to enable you to conceptualize attractive designs 
    • Capability to work patiently with diverse materials utilizing various techniques & tools. 
    • Comfortable in use of varied computer drawing software including CAD and other such high-tech equipment including 3D printers
    • Moulding the metals along with cutting & setting the gems and other precious stones
    • Ensure flawless design along with impeccable final output by paying attention to even smallest of details
    • Knowledge about stones so as to be able to assess the value of gemstones and jewellery
    • Capable of handling multiple projects and adhere to timelines
    • Business management, communication & Networking skills 
    • Passion for the craft to stay updated with not only the latest market trends and techniques, but also traditional techniques

Acknowledge your customers & understand them: The course mentors you in client handling. You must treat your customers with respect and should create an environment such that they feel comfortable. You should build a rapport with customers, listen to them and understand their requirements and accordingly offer them suggestions. Furthermore, you must have the pulse of the market and should have an understating of the trends as well as people & their preferences. If they are attended properly and are impressed with your service, they will prefer coming back to you repeatedly. 

Create Social Media Presence: The course equips you with capability of marketing yourself as well as your designs. Brand presence in various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. can help you in building your presence. You can create a look book on Instagram, create a visual identity while reaching out to many potential customers. 

Build your professional network: The curriculum inspires to develop networking capabilities. This will help you in staying updated with design & industry trends, improve your design process as well as enhance your knowledge of new techniques, tools, materials and softwares besides offering you encouragement to accelerate your career. To enhance your network:

  • Maintain positive relationships with professors, who can introduce you to professionals
  • Attend Jewellery conferences, fashion events, trade shows and networking events
  • Maintaining good rapport with vendors 

Range of Career Options: Jewellery design course equips you with competencies that can be utilized in varied disciplines. You gain capabilities in Ornament Design, Beading art, Metallurgy, Diamond Grading & sorting, Gemmology, innovative problem solving techniques, graphic design, market research & product management etc. that will offer career opportunities such as:  

  • Entrepreneur & Manufacturer 
  • Gemmologist
  • Accessory Designer in performing arts industry including Film & Television Industry
  • Goldsmiths
  • Bench Jeweller 

High demand in the international market: Globally, qualified, talented & professional jewellery designers command a huge demand. The jewellery design course that you are pursuing must offer globally recognised certification.  

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