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Tips To Speed Up Your Internet Connection

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It is the dream of every internet user to get the fastest speed possible. Many people often think that they can boost their internet speed, however, in reality, they can’t. There is no way that you can boost your internet speed in any way! If you are not having a good speed, that is probably because of a number of unrelated factors. Below are some recommended steps that you can try to receive a better internet speed. If you having trouble with your internet connection, an internet provider can provide you with the best internet connection having fast speed.

Turn Off Any Extra Devices

Any extra devices that you have at home, let it be a tablet, several smartphones, your smart TV, video games, etc, all of them, are consuming a big chunk of your bandwidth. All of these devices, if turned on, are sharing your home internet and all these individual usages can eventually add up and this results in a much-reduced bandwidth that is available. Moreover, many devices in our homes are using the internet without our knowledge. The device that you are assuming is sitting on idle could still be using the internet because most smart devices these days have a setup that allows them to automatically download the updates that are available. By keeping in view all this, you must make sure that you turn off all the devices properly.


Find a Better Spot For the Router

Do you know how wireless routers work? They work by effectively transmitting signals outwards in all the possible directions around them. Those signals however have a very short range mainly because they possess a very high frequency. These signals can be slowed down or disrupted because of any objects in their way. This in turn reduces your internet speed and degrades the quality of the internet you receive.

One of the best ways to boost your internet speed is by placing your router in a different place that has fewer objects. If you are someone who uses the internet by sitting near to it, you are probably fine, but if your router placed somewhere that has lots of objects, this could reduce your internet speed. Sometimes you may not be able to relocate your router probably because it is placed somewhere that suits you, what you can do in that situation is to reduce the number of objects especially the metal ones in that area.


Get Rid Of Unwanted Guests

If you are someone who uses an unsecured wifi connection. Then probably you should pause right away and secure your internet connection first! With an unsecured wifi connection, many other unwanted users. That live near your house could be using your internet without your knowledge. They may be doing it intentionally or sometimes unintentionally because most devices connect automatically to any available wifi connection. You can check who else connected to your wifi by browsing your router’s connection logs and immediately disconnect them.

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