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Things to do in Kashmir

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You may have been thinking about Kashmir being an amazing place, with stunning landscape, vegetation and hills. Let me tell you Kashmir is more than it appears. Things to accomplish and places that you should visit in your trip to Kashmir.

The mountains, hiking, camping adventure, and fun is the kind of thing that Kashmir is hiding in its own. All you need is that you have to be able to discover and have fun doing those things with a genuine travel fan.

Hiking through the Himalayas with dangerous routes

It’s the most thrilling experience for a person who likes to try new experiences. Surrounded by The Great Himalaya, vivid glades and streams of water, Kashmir is brimming with the ponds of nomads. Traveling through Jammu as well as Kashmir is extremely difficult but exciting as you can find an increasing amount of beautiful things and viewpoints. If you’re brave enough to go, don’t miss an incredible opportunity for a journey to Chadar which is the most difficult travel experience in India.

Shikara cruises in Dal lake.

The shikara is a type of wooden boat, which is located in Dal Lake and other water variations from Srinagar located in Jammu as well as Kashmir, India. Shikaras come in a variety of dimensions and can be used for a considerable period of time and even for transport. The typical shikara can accommodate six people with the driver seated behind. The boat trip is reasonably priced for passengers, which is around 400 dollars per hour. It’s the most relaxing aspect of your Kashmir journey where you get to be at ease, take in beautiful nature and learn about the Kashmiri lifestyle with its swaying business areas and a variety of blooms. Your journey would be uncomplete without this area.

Camping in Kashmiri Hills

Campsites within Kashmiri Hills can be the goal of every tourist. The best places of those visiting Kashmir and offer the best views. Camp in the snowy mountains, and enjoying a stunning and stunning sunset view of the Himalayas is sure to leave you amazed.

When you go to The Camping you can enjoy bonfire evenings and jamming sessions while under the skies brimming with stars. Enjoy a night of stargazing with your loved ones and make the best memory of the time you’ve had. The temperature can drop to minus in the evening hours and also during the daytime. Make sure that you are wearing extra warm and comfortable clothes with thermal outers.

Skiing & Snowboarding

The largest ski resorts offer up to 30 kilometers of slopes [Gulmarg Resort (Kongdoori-Affarwat)]. The highest ski resorts for skiing in Jammu and Kashmir extend up to an altitude of 3,985 meters [Gulmarg Resort (Kongdoori-Affarwat)].

The Gulmarg snowboarding and skiing is at the forefront of technology and therefore is suggested to be done of the most experienced snowboarders who enjoy the boondocks and off-piste terrain. There’s a small amount of novices as well as middle-of-the-road terrain that Indian tourists love, but Gulmarg Kashmir is not the place for the average beginner or moderately experienced rider.

A horse riding adventure in Srinagar

In the Kashmir district is renowned for numerous beautiful places including Pahalgam, Gulmarg, Yusmarg, Sonmarg, Kokernag where visitors can take pleasure in horse riding. In the Jammu region, tourists who visit Patnitop, Sanasar and Kishtwar are the ideal places for riding horses. You can go horse riding area at any time whether it is summers, winters or monsoons. They’ll lead you through lush green meadows and forests along the hills.


It is likely that you know already what paragliding means. For those who aren’t aware it is a that involves being attached to a parachute. We fly through the sky, with the parachute in place. It can be scary when you first start climbing through the apex of this massive height, but after you’ve completed it, it’s the most stunning moment of your life. It is possible to see the entire city or state from the sky, which appears tiny and stunning.

Golfing on the best golf course in Kashmir

For the most enjoyable time on your trip without trying for a lot, try golfing in Pahalgam. Kashmir offers four exceptional fairways which offer the most stunning view of the landscape. With stunning views of mountains covered in snow, the nine-hole Golf Course in Pahalgam is thought to be the highest-rated golf course in the world. This course is guaranteed to amaze you or delight you. If you are a golfer it is the perfect location for them.


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