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Strengthen your privacy by protecting your location data on your iPhone!

location data on your iPhone!
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Most iPhone users ignore the privacy concern that comes with owning a phone. Similar to other phones, it is built with a GPS tracker that tracks your real-time location, thereby customizing your iPhone experience. This ‘customization’ is expressed in two ways: one is the showing up of local ads of the area you are residing in. These ads may be on Google or other social apps such as Facebook. This is one of the core marketing strategies being used out there. Another aim of tracking your location by the apps/ websites/ companies is for their security. Yes! This is because data is the most significant commodity to exist. When you sign up for something, you are signing up for access to specific data and this is why platforms require the reassurance of who they are sharing their data. Therefore, the best way to practice this is by accessing locations via phone!

Do not fret! There are multiple ways to stop someone to track your iPhone to enhance your privacy!

  1. Prevent tracking wholly by disabling location

The easiest way to inhibit your iPhone from tracking you is by switching off the “location services” option accessible via privacy options from the settings bar. However, be wary that this cuts off location tracking and may restrict the use of certain apps.

  1. Customize location access by switching it off for certain apps

Permitting location access to certain apps is a relatively smarter move than disabling location services wholly. This is done by restricting the chosen app’s location access after toggling to the “location services” from the privacy bar in settings.

  1. Switching off the “Significant locations”

This function enabled your phone to analyze the degree of significance of certain locations based on how frequently you visit them. While this is done to enhance your phone experience, it comprises your privacy. To inhibit this, turn off the “significant locations” via the “system services” bar in the settings.

  1. Turning off “share my location”

This feature is built-in in iOS 13, hence is easily accessible from the settings bar. It enables your device to be tracked by the contacts you approve of. While this is an extra security measure, you can switch it off to ensure the complete prevalence of your security from them! You can find this option under “location services” as well.

  1. Immobilize your iPhone from tracking location-based services

The extended location features of iOS include location-based tracking as well. To disable this, turn this off after toggling off the “system services” accessed from “Location services” from the privacy bar.

If you do not want to go through the turmoil of the steps above use MXCode location changer to change your location and disappear swiftly!

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