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Skincare guide: 10 tips for deep cleansing your face

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That’s how cleansing works. First, clean your skin thoroughly. This will allow you to remove the dead skin cells and excess sebum.

The skin can then breathe better, allowing it to retain its natural regenerative process.


How often should you cleanse your face daily?

Should You Exfoliate Before Or After Cleansing? It is essential to cleanse your skin in the morning to get rid of any sebum or dead cells.

Dry skin: Which product should you use for facial cleansing? The main rule to making you decide to assess your skin type. It is best to avoid foaming products that can dry your skin.

Oily skin: will produce more sebum. If you have oily skin, the biggest mistake is to search for detergents that are degreasing. This could lead to a rebound effect. The skin can react to make more fat and worsen the situation.

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Why is it important to clean the skin of your face?

The skin is the first barrier to the outside environment. It is, therefore, the most vulnerable to the insults of various substances.


Make-up must be removed first

Deep cleansing the face and removing make-up are two separate steps that can’t be combined in one quick gesture. Cleansing is the next step.

Hot water is best

Coldwater, as well as boiling water, can cause skin irritations. Instead, rinse the face with lots of hot water.


The pores of your face should be opened

For a deep cleanse, it is important to “open” the pores or dilate them. To do this, boil some water and place your head on the steam. Cover the towel with a towel.


Perform a scrub

A scrub or a scrub using natural ingredients is another effective way to clean your face at home.


Selecting the right product

To choose the best product for your skin, you need to understand it. For example, soaps made from vegetable carbon or sulfur are suitable for oily skin. Creamy or gel formulas work better on combination skin. Skin with mature or delicate skin will require soothing and moisturizing active ingredients.


Don’t attack the skin

Too frequent or aggressive facial cleansing can have the opposite effect. The skin will begin to produce more sebum if it is stripped of its normal fatty layer. It is better to be conservative and not forget to use a moisturizer.


Take a tonic

A facial tonic is essential for a thorough cleansing. It should be alcohol-free and not contain alcohol. Preparing the skin for the cream or other products.


Hydration is key

After cleansing, moisturize your skin. If the skin loses too much of its protective sebum layer, it will react by producing more. A soothing and moisturizing liquid in the morning is a must and a good night cream before you go to bed.


Do this twice daily

In the morning, the skin looks cleaner and more uniform. In the evening, the skin needs to be cleaned of any accumulated dirt and prepared for a restful night.


Talk to a professional

Even if your skin is young or susceptible to acne, you should not give up regular appointments with a beautician. They will perform a professional facial cleansing and can also assess your skin’s condition and offer advice. Depending on your needs.

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