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Reasons You Should Prefer Lithium Boat Batteries Over Traditional AGM Batteries

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If you’re looking to move from using the conventionally used AGM batteries to the advanced lithium deep cycle batteries, then that’s the best thing you can do. It is because there are big benefits of doing so. The less weight makes it super easy to drag around and experience enhanced boat speed.

Reduction in the Amount of Weight

Talking about the weight of a lithium battery, it is literally up to a third of the AGM’s weight. You need to take this point very seriously if you’re the owner of a 4WD, boat or Caravan. Because the weight matters a lot in terms of speed and fuel economy.

The overall weight of a 100Ah AGM battery is little more than 37 kilograms. In comparison, the weight of a lithium deep cycle battery is only between 11 and 12kg – which is impressively less than the AGM deep cycle.

This clearly shows that boat owners get the additional storage capacity of two boat batteries on their vessel. And if they are not looking to have two or three batteries on board, then the advantage of a less weighty battery can be the other around. The reduction in battery weight means you can bring in more passengers or other goods and equipment on board – without having to worry about the boat being overloaded.

Enhancement in Power

Power that is calculated in Watts is equal to Volts x Amps. This is the reason why you can get more power out of a boat battery in case:

  • Holds the voltage over the cycle
  • Is in a capacity so that it discharges more Amps

When talking about lithium batteries, it should be known that these batteries can hold their voltage over the cycle. And this is not possible in lead acid where the voltage will fall off in no time. You can say that there is more power available in a lithium battery over its whole span of a cycle.

On the other hand, the lead acid deep cycle batteries generate a limited supply of Amps for running, and so these batteries have a certain limit in terms of running other things on them.

Much Superior Capacity

The amount of Amp-hours that are available in lithium batteries is more than in AGM batteries. The lithium battery provides more usable capacity – meaning the Amp hours. And this capacity is more than that of the AGM battery when it comes to providing more usable energy before the battery is put on recharging.

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Longer Lifespan

Each and every time a battery is charged and discharged – it is called one cycle. The life of a battery is measured on the scale of the number of expected cycles. And this rating or measurement is done at a specific depth of a discharge.

The number of cycles a lithium battery would last are from 500 to 1000 cycles – at the rate of 50 DoD. Whereas, a lithium battery is rated at around 5000 cycles and above – if the owner uses it in a careful manner. Such capacity clearly shows why the life expectancy of a lithium battery is around 10 years, in comparison with that of the AGM, which is much less at around 2-3 years.

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