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Purchasing your first-ever boxing gloves? Read this before you buy it

wholesale boxing gear
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Are you passionate about boxing and have decided to step into the arenas professionally? You know you must buy wholesale boxing gear before hitting the gym. It can be confusing and stressful to buy your first-ever pair of gloves. 

It can be difficult to find the ideal pair because numerous vendors and manufacturers offer endless versions. If you buy cheap gloves, you can get your hands on a few pairs to try out, but they won’t last very long and will wear out quickly.

Finding the perfect gloves is essential, particularly if you’re new to the sport. They have a big impact on the level of practice in addition to helping with safety training. Read this blog before you hit the market for gloves, and you’ll thank us later because it has everything you need to know about buying an accurate pair of boxing gloves. 

Material Of Wholesale Boxing Gear Is Everything

The materials used in glove production are essential for a good fight or practice session. The materials in the design must be carefully considered because they may make or break a sparring session for you. 

Many options are available when shopping for gloves online, from genuine leather to synthetic materials like neoprene and vinyl. According to popular belief, genuine leather provides more lifespan and is a superior material for gloves than any other material for long-term usage. 

Synthetic leathers, on the other hand, are typically far less expensive. If you have a moral problem adopting products crafted from animal skins, they make an excellent replacement for authentic leather wholesale boxing gloves.

Here’s a quick and comprehensive list of all the materials used to make boxing gloves. Take a look and decide what’s best for you. 

Leather Gloves

Leather gloves are more expensive and require more maintenance to keep them looking good. However, they outlast all other materials used to manufacture the gloves when properly cared for. Real leather is usually sturdy, adjustable, and efficient at containing sweat and scents, which are common during a match. 

Cowhide leather is the best option because of its fluidity and grip. Even though goatskin is considerably less expensive than cowhide, both materials are still suitable regardless of price. Real leather is unquestionably the most suitable material for boxing gloves, which is widely acknowledged.

Synthetic Leather Gloves

Relatively less expensive than genuine leather, synthetic leather is easier to maintain. It does, however, quickly lose its charm. Although it appears and feels like real leather when used, the resilience is not the same. 

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Custom boxing gloves are frequently made from this material and are specially intended for boxers at the beginning levels. Boxing gear made of synthetic leather will quickly smell terrible if used regularly and improperly cleaned. Heavyweight fighters or more contemporary competitors avoid purchasing synthetic leather gloves. 


Vinyl is a decent substitution if you are running tight on the budget and cannot pay for authentic leather gloves. 

Although the gloves made of vinyl or polyurethane leather are not durable and are prone to tearing in no time, it is an excellent choice for amateurs who lack financial backing when starting their careers. 

The advantage of vinyl gloves is that, compared to other materials, they are simpler to clean. There is no need to take the gloves to a professional cleaner for cleaning because the washing procedure is simple. 

Vinyl is an efficient choice of wholesale boxing gear for beginner-level boxers or training practitioners searching for a stylish pair of gloves. 

Look For Strong Arms Support in Wholesale Boxing Gloves

For new boxers or someone just getting their hands on a punching bag, wrist support is essential. The arm support of the gloves is typically the competitor’s top priority. 

It’s fairly common to get wrist injuries while boxing and your glove’s support can make all the difference. Online shopping can be difficult because you can’t try the glove on your hands before buying it. 

We suggest you thoroughly research the website reviews before making a purchase. And ensure that you buy the gloves from a well-reputed company. Wholesale Boxing Gear is an online store with amazing reviews and high-quality original leather gloves at affordable prices. You can try it for your first ever purchase. 

Weight & Size Makes All The Difference

The weight and size are the two essential factors in effective boxing gear. Your hands should fit comfortably inside the gloves. Small, medium, and large sizes are available to suit various hand fits. 

You can pick the weight after selecting the appropriate size. Depending on the type, such as training or sparring gloves, the weight of gloves varies. 

Choose your boxing equipment based on your needs and goals because it normally weighs between 8 and 16 ounces. Be sure to understand the exact weight of your hands in kilos so you can more easily purchase the appropriate size custom-made boxing gloves for yourself. 

Padding Is Crucial

You have various options regarding the covering or padding within the gloves, and each one offers its own advantages as well as different kinds of knuckle protection. 

Most gloves today have foam padding, usually a solid layer, which is good for your protection and inflicting optimal damage to your opponent. 

Layered foam is the most widely used padding; however, some manufacturers are now producing boxing equipment using gel foam as padding. When the gloves make contact with the punching bag or a boxer, the padding may feel denser and respond more

The best part about the gel padding is that you can punch as hard as you like without giving yourself too much impact or injuries. 

Horsehair-padded gloves are still available, even though they have not lately been used in the arenas. 

Due to their ability to provide more force per punch than foam-padded boxing gloves, they are frequently referred to as puncher gloves. If you have extra cash to spare, you can invest in the horsehair padded customized boxing gloves. 

Now that you’re fully up to date, consider all the above-mentioned factors before purchasing gloves for yourself, and don’t skimp on the quality and durability of the gear.

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