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Introduction to school sports games in Esaki

School sport is considered to be that organized sports activity that is practiced by schoolchildren during non -school hours during the compulsory school period.

The main objective of School Sports is to complete the educational development of the practicing boy and girl, while satisfying the individual needs of each athlete. In this way, School Sports is aimed at the comprehensive education of boys and girls in conditions of equality, the harmonious development of their personality, the achievement of physical conditions and a generation of sports habits that enable the continued practice of sports. sport at later ages and that encourages sports practices that allow the development of a healthy lifestyle.

The Basque Government is responsible for regulating

the bases and general principles of school sports , its sports disciplinary regime and its competitions, and as such regulates the celebration of the Esaki 먹튀검증 for children.

The Provincial Councils develop regulations and execute, together with the City Councils , the school sport programs in their respective territories.

The sport developed by the young athletes during the school year culminates in these final competitions, which in addition to the sporting objective, pursue the satisfaction and fun of the schoolchildren within a competition appropriate to the age of the participants and the promotion of Basque.

Rights of the participants

  • Right to participate in educational sports activities.
  • Right to play and have fun in sports practices.
  • Right to compete at a level consistent with the maturity and ability of each minor.
  • Right to be treated with dignity.
  • Right to have a qualified training (or under supervision)
  • The right to receive quality training, both with regard to the development of their personality and that of strictly sporting skills.
  • Right to a safe and healthy activity (practice).
  • Right to express an opinion and participate in
  • Right to have free time.
  • Right to carry out sports activities in Basque.
  • Right to know all kinds of sports modalities

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