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Packaging Sleeves Come in a Variety of Shapes and Sizes

Packaging sleeves
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What exactly is a packaging sleeve? While searching for personalized packaging, you’ve probably heard of belly bands.

When it comes to promoting your custom boxes and products, custom packaging sleeves, also referred to as belly band packaging, are a fantastic choice. Wrapping packaging sleeves around plain boxes or individual products is a cost-effective way to differentiate your brand from the competition. Check out some of our favorite sleeve packaging examples to get your creative juices flowing.

Sleeve and belly band packaging are both used interchangeably in this context.

Another Way to Say it is:

An inexpensive alternative to custom-printed boxes, Product Packaging Sleeves (also known as belly band packaging) is a piece of paper that wraps about an item (such as an item of clothing, a jar, or a box).

Sleeve packaging is cylindrical in shape and does not have any closing tucks. Branding elements, product information, and even cutouts can be added to the sleeve to make it stand out from the rest. Paper packing sleeves can also be used to wrap the item, such as a soap bar or a pair of socks.

Types of Packaging Sleeves

Sleeves Made to Order (Flat)

Wrap and seal your products or boxes in custom-printed packaging sleeves that you design yourself. Ideal for a broad range of product sizes and shapes.

Made-to-Order Adhesive Sleeves

You can easily seal your sleeves around your custom boxes or products by purchasing sleeves with an adhesive strip. Ideal for an extensive range of product sizes and shapes.

With Pre-Glued Sleeves

Wrapping individual items like containers in pre-glued packaging sleeves is a simple and effective way to protect them from damage. It’s ideal for products of the same size.

Do Custom Packing Sleeves have any Advantages?

Choosing a less expensive packing solution does not mean sacrificing quality. Using the same paper that we use for our custom boxes, you won’t have to worry about them holding up as stand-alone packaging. Box sleeves, soap sleeves, food sleeves, & more are some of the products we print at The Mailer Box, and they have numerous benefits.

Check out the Benefits of Sleeve Packaging.

Attractive Physical appearance for a Low Price

Packaging sleeves allow you to buy low-cost, generic boxes and quickly brand them with your company name and logo. As a new business, you’ll want to get the most out of every dollar, and custom-printed boxes are more expensive.

Printing Saves Money.

Because a printed sleeve uses less paper and ink, it’s less expensive than a 6-sided box with the same amount of printing. Because you’re not only saving money, but you’re doing your part to help the environment, too!

Adaptable to a Variety of Different Industries.

All kinds of products can be dressed up with custom package sleeves. Any product can be wrapped in the sleeve, no matter what industry you’re in. Packaging sleeves custom can be used for everything from pet products to cosmetics, toys, and food, making them an excellent option for packaging.

Variety in Packaging

It is possible to wrap any item.

Products of any shape or size can be contained within packaging sleeves. As far as food containers and soap bars go, there’s no limit.

Save time on packaging.

Quickly slip items or boxes over pre-glued sleeves. Sleeves with an adhesive strip allow you to quickly and easily wrap a variety of products.

Seasonal offerings should be prominently displayed.

Wrap sleeves around your existing products or boxes to add custom printed sleeves for seasonal offers, such as holiday packaging or limited edition deals.

For seasonal packaging or product updates, print in small batches.

Custom packaging sleeves have the added benefit of allowing you to sell your products all year long without having to deal with unsold boxes. When it comes to making a holiday-themed version of your regular chocolate, all you need to do is add a custom-printed sleeve to your packaging.

Sustainable and Environmentally Friendly

We only print with non-toxic soy-based inks, and that’s exactly what we do.

Recyclable in its entirety

Because we use a standard water-based coating instead of lamination on our custom printed sleeves, they are completely recyclable. Kraft paper sleeves, which are completely compostable when uncoated, are an even more environmentally friendly option.

Showcase Limited-Time Deals

Paper sleeves can be used to quickly create package deals. Putting three of your best-selling soaps (which you’d normally sell separately) in a gift box can help you make a lot of money.

You can do it in a flash.

You can simply slide the sleeve over or directly over the product, and it will be ready to go on the shelf in no time at all.

Multiple orders result in discounted pricing for larger quantities.

To save money, you can order more than one set of sleeves in the same size from The Mailer Box. To put it other way, if you order four separate 250-box orders, we’ll treat them as one and save you money.

Affordable, High-Quality Sleeves

Infinitely resizable

It is possible to design packaging sleeves in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. Extras like foil stamping, embossing, Spot UV, and more add a touch of opulence to your project.

Branded packaging that is cost-effective

For an unboxing experience that’s both affordable and branded, use printed packaging sleeves with unprinted boxes.

Starting at a minimum of 500 units,

MOQs start at 500 sleeves per size and are designed for custom printed sleeves.

Your packing sleeves can be purchased from The Legacy Printing in a variety of ways.

We hope you’ve learned a lot today about how to easily customize your products by using package sleeves for boxes. Seasonal packaging and special offers are just two examples of how you can put them to use. You’ve also seen how easy it is to customize them for any product or business.

Because pack product Packaging Sleeves are able to dress up any box without breaking the bank, we consider this their most important feature. Our low prices, quick turnaround times, and high-quality work are all available right now, so take advantage! Please know that your satisfaction is our top priority, and we can’t wait to help you find the right packaging to help you reach more customers. The product was manufactured in the United States.

Take advantage of The Legacy Printing unrivalled customer service by purchasing your goods today. If you’re looking for the best, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!

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