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Make Your Kitchen And Bathroom Remodeling Dream Your Reality.

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We are always tracking trends in the kitchen and bath industry to help assure that our clients’ kitchens and bathroom remodeling near me are capable of withstanding the test of time. Here are the top mid-year trends in our region.

Mixed Colors

The kitchen and bath industry often follows fashion trends, and 2019 is no exception to the rule. Homeowners who have recently renovated their kitchen in Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Connecticut made distinctive design statements by opting for a mix of different colors, textures and finishes. While white kitchens continue to be a choice for many, that option is not as popular as in the past. Many of our clients recently choose cabinets painted in rich colors, and that trend is borne nationally as blue and green cabinetry have greatly increased in popularity.

Island Fever

There’s a reason kitchen islands are wildly popular and have become the centerpiece of many of the kitchens we design. For nearly 40 years, islands have withstood the test of time and are largely responsible for making open concept designs work. Islands are often the focal point of a new kitchen. Employing contrasting colors and sometimes unique countertop materials enable homeowners in the northeast to put their stamp on their new kitchen.

Open Shelving

Increased demand for more modern space is transforming design as an increasing number of clients opt for open shelving systems. Open shelves replace the lion’s share or all upper wall cabinets to provide clean lines and a minimalist look.

When our clients opt for open shelves in place of upper wall cabinets or more streamlined looks, we often recommend taking advantage of organizational accessories to avoid countertop clutter. Commonly specified storage accessories may include plate racks, spice racks, pull out drawers and other organizing tools that provide designated places for small appliances, plates, glassware, cutlery, knives and other kitchen gadgets and accessories.

Color My Sink World

The days of having to choose between stainless steel or white kitchen sink are over. Composite sinks that resist heat damage and scratching come in a rainbow of colors, sizes and configurations that can meet almost any style preference or design parameter. Sinks increasingly are serving as focal points with material options that span the imagination.

Gold Rush

Metallic finishes continue to command consumer interest. All shades of gold on faucets, instant hots, pot fillers and other plumbing fixtures are hot. Recent introductions include rose gold, bright gold, black gold, polished gold and rose-colored bronzes.

Two Is Better Than One

Because the kitchen serves as the most important room in the home and serves multiple purposes for homeowners, we’ve noticed a new demand for multiple kitchens. The main kitchen serves as the dining, entertaining, gathering, homework area, etc., and a second kitchen serves as the primary space for appliances, meal preparation, cooking and cleanup.

The Right Light

Homeowners are more frequently taking the use of pendants over islands up several notches by specifying a group of mini-pendants instead of a chandelier or to have a row of pendants installed at different heights.

If you want to know how you can leverage the latest design trends and technologies for your new kitchen or bath, please give us a call at (401)437-4254 or visit our showroom at 2949 Hartford Avenue Johnston RI.

There are many reasons homeowners decide to renovate their home. A recent survey of more than 142,000 homeowners conducted by found that the number one reason that homeowners chose to remodel was the ability to make dreams a reality.

The reasons for all types of renovation projects parallel the reasons our clients in Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Connecticut decide to renovate their homes. The other major reasons for renovating in 2018 (and likely in 2019) include:

  • Desire to customize a recently purchased home
  • Correcting damage due to home age, pests and lack of functionality
  • Adapting to recent lifestyle changes
  • Preparing home for sale to increase value
  • Addressing damage from a natural disaster

The survey also reflects trends in RI,

The goals of renovation are not surprising. Almost all of our clients in RI, MA and CT renovate to improve the look, feel and functionality of their homes. Another major reason to renovate is to increase the value of the home, and the best return on investment in home renovations is a new kitchen. Kitchen renovations provide a 92.9% return on investment, according to Remodeler magazine. A bathroom remodel that includes replacing the toilet, tub and light fixtures, plus adding a double-sink, tiling the floor and hanging wallpaper can result in a $1.71 increase in home value for every dollar spent, according to Zillow.

The top challenges renovating homeowners face are finding the right service providers, staying on budget and finding the right products. The reason why homeowners have a difficult time finding the right service providers and products is that the Internet is both our friend and foe. While the Internet provides access to every product and service that you could ever need for a renovation project, the amount of information available online can be overwhelming, is often incorrect, is likely to cause analysis paralysis, contributes to unrealistic expectations and elevates stress levels. That’s why a professional kitchen and bath showroom is your greatest asset. Showroom professionals specialize in making order out of chaos. Click here for a guide that outlines what you should expect from a professional showroom.

The reasons why staying on budget is so difficult is due to not having a well-crafted and complete plan. Another reason why estimating and sticking to a budget is difficult for most homeowners in RI, MA and CT is that home improvement television is not a documentary but entertainment. Both budgets and timetables do not reflect reality and costs almost never include labor expenses. Click here for a guide to budget more effectively for a new kitchen.

If your kitchen, bath, laundry room, closets or other areas of your home no longer meet your desires, needs or preferences, give us a call at (401)437-4254, visit our showroom at 2949 Hartford Avenue Johnston RI or contact us here. We will show you how you too can turn your dreams into realities.

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