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LED Light Therapy: The Complete Buying Guide 2022

LED Light Therapy
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LED Light Therapy: The Complete Buying Guide

For those who never researched LED light therapy before, choosing the right device can be as difficult as learning Chinese.

How many joules? Which wavelengths? How many LED light bulbs? Red light? Blue light? Infrared light or all of them together? How much treatment time? What’s the treatment size area? What’s the head size? How long before I see results?

Maybe you’ve heard about how it can reduce wrinkles, plump, and tighten your skin. Maybe you’ve witnessed a friend successfully using it to relieve pain without medication, or a neighbor using it to get rid of acne.

But your enthusiasm disappears when you start stumbling upon all those techy details of the best professional led light therapy machine.

I’m here to make things clearer, easier, and faster for you, I hope I succeed.

LED Light Therapy The Complete Buying Guide

Here’s My Complete LED light therapy buying guide:

Red Light? Infrared Light? Blue? Amber?

Most LED light therapy devices offer one or more of these “types” of lights:

Red + Infrared light – goes the deepest into the skin, and will address the skin tone and clarity, as well as the deeper muscle and bone. They’re great for collagen and elastin production and skin healing (wounds, scars).

complete LED light therapy buying guide

  • ** Most home devices combine both red LED light therapy and infrared light therapy.
  • ** Red light therapy will be less helpful for pigmentation than amber light.

Amber light – amber light penetrates less into the skin, and it is better for skin pigmentation problems, such as sun damage. Do not expect amber devices to do much for collagen/elastin production, and tissue healing.

Blue light therapy – clinically proven to kill acne-causing bacteria. The latest research claims that it’s best to combine blue light therapy with red light therapy, which speeds up the healing of the skin and diminishes acne scars.

Your Goals?

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Next, narrow down the choice by focusing on your goals.

For skin rejuvenation, anti-aging, wrinkle reduction, reducing redness, rosacea – choose a red + infrared + amber light therapy device (For example, the Baby Quasar Plus).

(Many users report that since the addition of amber lights to the Baby quasar, the results have intensified, including more firming, toning, and wrinkle reduction).

Skin tone, and fine lines – make sure the device has amber light too (The Baby Quasar Plus has amber too).

Acne – a device that combines both blue light and red light therapy, such as Baby Quasar Power Pack or the Sirius Aurora.

For pain relief – choose a red + infrared device, such as the highly recommended Lightstim. But if you need to cover a large area, such as your entire lower back, go for an infrared heating pad.

What to Look for in Your LED Light Therapy Device

best light therapy device

1. Power Output

Many companies give power output per entire device instead of a unit of measure. Also, they give power output per recommended treatment duration, not per unit of time. To compare apples to apples we need to speak in the same terms.

Note: The device should aim to deliver 4 – 9 joules per cm2 per treatment time. (Treatment time might vary, e.g. 30 seconds, 60 sec, 3 minutes, etc.)

2. Wavelengths

Most LEDs devices operate at 600nm and 800nm. The right wavelength according to NASA is about 660nm.

3. Number of LEDs

The number of LEDs is less important than the power output since the LEDs themselves vary from one another. Do not pay that much attention to the number of LEDs.

4. Treatment Time

Longer treatment time per area indicates a less powerful device. Look for a short treatment time duration per treatment area.

For example, Lightstim Anti-Aging requires 3 minutes of treatment per area, while the DPL light therapy device requires 9 minutes of treatment per area.

5. Treatment Head

The bigger the device’s “head”, the less treatment time you’ll need because you’ll cover a larger area per treatment. Baby Quasar MD has one of the biggest treatment heads.

If you need the device for pain relief (of joints, muscles, back pain – large areas), you may want to consider a device with panels, such as the popular DPL red light therapy system.

6. Country of Origin

USA-made devices are preferred to China-made devices.

7. FDA Approval

FDA approval does not guarantee an LED device’s effectiveness. However, practically anyone can slap some LEDs together with an on/off switch and call it a therapy device.

Without FDA manufacturing controls one cannot be certain about the electrical safety of the device or the type and degree of radiation being put into the skin.

8. Warranty and Money Back Guarantee

Each device offers a different warranty and returning policy. Both of these are important when you buy a LED light device.

If you buy through Amazon, you have their risk-free return policy. As for warranty, most devices offer at least a 1-year warranty.

And Finally – Does LED Light Therapy Work?

Does LED Light Therapy Work

LED light therapy is not a magic pill and you won’t see results overnight (except for pain relief – Which can be almost instant with infrared light therapy).

You have to use the device as the manufacturer recommends, for as much as it requires. You’ll probably see results after a few weeks of use.

If your goal is skin rejuvenation, the changes will be gradual and it will be hard for you to see them by checking your face in the mirror every day.

You’ll know this works when your friends will notice a change, or just ask if you’ve done something with your hair…
Do not be tempted to use the device more than recommended. Studies by NASA found that treatments done too often tend to “shock” the cells, not stimulate them. Overtreatment may also cause drying of the skin.

Light Therapy Reviews Recommends

Since we tend to know what we’re talking about, allow us to recommend the top light therapy devices in 2022:

  • For Skin Rejuvenation and Anti-Aging

The Baby Quasar Plus and Lightstim Wrinkles

  • For Acne

Baby Quasar Power Pack (blue + red light therapy), Lightstim acne, and ANSR Beam.

  • For Pain Relief

DPL red light therapy and this Infrared Heating Pad.

LED light therapy treatment is non-abrasive, non-invasive, painless, and has no downtime. It is safe for all skin types and all ages. And now you know how to choose the right device for you!

To your health and happiness,

Got more questions? Let me know in the comments and I’ll answer right away!:)

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