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Learn how to make a video call with 8 people on WhatsApp

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The display of the lyrics of the songs is completely automatic and no other app is necessary other than Spotify. Everything is done from the same platform and it is easy to view them.

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The trick to prevent WhatsApp from continuing to have access to your image gallery

If you can send photos, download them and see statuses, then WhatsApp has your permission to access your image gallery.It is likely that among all the applications you have on your Android device there is at least one instant messaging application like WhatsApp , the Meta platform that allows you to be in constant communication 24 hours a day; however, previously it was very easy for someone to access your account conversations, view and even post statuses without your permission, so the solution was to create end-to-end encryption, a privacy mechanism capable of encrypting every message you send. you send or receive, it means that only you and the person with whom you chat are the only ones who can see or hear what is shared, not even best lyrics website or Meta employees will have access.

After clarifying what end-to-end encryption is,

would you like to remove image gallery permissions from WhatsApp ? If you consider that it is very dangerous that the Meta app has access to the photos that you store on your Android device, then remove the access so that you reinforce the privacy of the photos that you have saved on the mobile.It is important to clarify that after doing this you will not be able to download the photos that are sent to you in personal or group chats, likewise, WhatsApp will not allow you to send images or take photos with its native camera, since when you do so, the following warning will appear: “ To view media files, you agree that WhatsApp can access the photos and files on your device ”.

The trick so that whatsapp does not have access to your photo gallery

First, enter the “Settings” or “Settings” of your Android smart phone , locate it with the icon of a cogwheel or gear.

Now, click on the “Applications” section.

All the system apps and those you have downloaded will appear, search for WhatsApp.


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