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Instagram SEO: How To Make Your Image Or Account Searchable?

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Instagram has a database of one billion users. Making your image searchable on Instagram requires SEO services. Instagram SEO can help you with that. I know it would be astonishing for you as you hear this phrase for the first time. But trust me, you will get familiar with that as it catches the world’s attention.

Instagram SEO

From the name itself, it is clear that Instagram SEO helps your content become discoverable in search results. The primary motive of Instagram SEO is to make sure that your content or account appears on top whenever a particular keyword is searched.

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Ranking Factors

Here are some of the ranking factors for Instagram SEO:

  • Search Text ( Locations, Captions, Bios, Hashtags)

Based on the text of your locations, captions, bios & hashtags, Instagram search results show the accounts, images or videos which have incorporated that text.

  • User’s Likeliness 

Based on the users’ interactivity with certain accounts, Instagram tends to make the content of such accounts rank higher than others.

  • Is the content popular? (Liked, Commented or Shared)

If the content is liked, commented or shared much, Instagram ranks that content higher.

Increase Your Reach:

Follow These Simple Instagram Tactics

  • Include Relevant Text Phrases In Bio & Brand

The best place to include the key terms & phrases is the bio of Instagram. If there is any possibility, you can consider adding it to the brand name.


You must include your location on Instagram  

  • Hashtags 

The keywords must directly be used in the captions. It is proven to impact the search results.

Tips to Remember

  1. Hashtags should be relevant to the content you have posted
  2. Use specific campaign based hashtags
  3. Say a Big No to ‘Over Generic Hashtags’
  4. Do not use hashtags more than 3 to 5.
  5. A combination of generic + exact keywords works the best

No sooner than Instagram issued instructions to limit the hashtags to 3 to 5 only, people got confused as earlier Instagram has said to include the hashtags up to 30. Instagram has said, “If you are using more than five hashtags to get additional distribution, you are wrong. It won’t help you!” The primary reason is, “Using more than ten hashtags will make it impossible for you to find out which ones are driving the traffic consistently. But if you use fewer hashtags like 3 to 5, it would be easy for you to find out which hashtag is driving traffic consistently.”

  • Keywords Matters

Earlier, Instagram did not consider keywords in the captions, but now the time has changed: so has Instagram. Now keywords can easily be included in the captions, and Instagram considers images with such captions to rank higher.

  • Alt Text Must Be Included To The Images

Being a part of the SEO world, we all know the importance of alt text about the web or search engine. But this thing is practical in Instagram SEO as well. The images must have the alt text which defines ‘What the image is all about?’ It helps visually impaired people to understand what the image is all about.

  • Follow the Guidelines

If an image follows all the guidelines of Instagram, it is more likely to rank higher. This implies that if you don’t follow these guidelines, your content will not appear competitive.

Final Comments!

Many of us did not even know that Instagram SEO exists. Since we live in a world where social media is leaping forth with a significant margin, we all must realize the importance of Social Media SEO. Otherwise, there will be no use in posting creative and high-quality content containing images.

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