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How to make your Custom Mailer Packaging more protective?

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Recognition in today’s crammed marketplace demands unique, eye-catching ways to stand out among the competition. Creating custom Mailer packaging is an active part of marketing and an ingenious mode to showcase a brand. Custom Printed Mailer boxes, in particular, increase product visibility through every channel of the shipping and handling process.

Custom Mailer boxes and packages allow businesses to carry their brand through every touchpoint of the buyer experience, leaving behind an everlasting impression.

What Is A Custom Printed Mailer Packaging?

The way we shop has substantially transformed since the dawn of the internet. In 2019, an estimated 1.92 billion people purchased goods or services online, and the number of purchases dramatically raised in 2022. Online shopping produces an incredible increase in packaged and shipped goods, making an opportunity for businesses to use custom-print mailer boxes as another way to enlighten consumers about their offerings.

Nowadays, branded products and shipping boxes are crucial for marketing-savvy businesses. Using Custom Mailer packaging boxes to increase brand visibility and enhance the customer experience is a smart strategy.

Let’s take a more in-depth peek into what it takes to customize Mailer boxes for product packaging and shipping.

What to Think About When Designing Custom Mailer Packaging

So you want to design your Mailer packaging? As you’ll soon discover, there are many choices and many different things to think about beyond merely deciding if your product is in a box or not. It may seem overwhelming, but your first step is deciding what packaging you’ll use. There are many things to remember when selecting your packaging including:

  • Product size
  • Presentation value
  • Functionality
  • Cost

Remember that only because one option is more affordable does not mean it will provide your product with the best presentation. Striking a balance between cost-effectiveness and overall presentation is your best option.

Types of Product Packaging

Choosing which Custom Mailer box solution is right for you deserves careful consideration. While the design of your custom box is nearly limitless, the main three components of customization you’ll want to consider are:

  • Mailer Boxes
  • Shipping Custom Mailer Boxes
  • Folding Cartons
  • Two-piece Rigid Mailer Boxes


If your Custom Mailer products need extra protection, inserts are the way to go. Inserts improve stability and enhance a presentation by keeping your product front and centre when you open the Mailer boxes.

Foam inserts made from polyurethane, polyethene, and polystyrene are durable, lightweight and provide excellent cushioning for your product but are more expensive than other inserts. Corrugated cardboard inserts are more cost-effective and allow for custom printing.


Picking a suitable material for your mailer box wholesale product is essential because it enhances your design and can help protect your product.

  • Paperboard SBS
  • Corrugated
  • Calliper/Flute

Prepare your artwork

When creating your design, you’ll use either a 3D box designer or lay your artwork out on a dye-line template. 3D box designers are great if you don’t have expensive design tools or knowledge of how to use them. Dye-line templates allow you precise control over layout, fonts, colours, and alignment.

Following industry-standard typography, text, and line art recommendations are essential. While your artwork may look fine on-screen, not following these recommendations can result in your design not printing correctly.


Print-ready files are fit onto large sheets of corrugated cardboard to be fed through the printer and maybe printed using one of the three most common types of printing:

  • Flexographic/Direct
  • Lithographic
  • Digital Printing


Your Custom Printed Mailer Boxes Wholesale are almost home now that you’re at the finish line! There are only several stages left before your design comes to life.

The artwork is laid flat on a sheet by the manufacturer for Custom Mailer Boxes. This large sheet will contain many nested dye lines, each with a complete design to optimize printing and reduce waste. The sheets are cut after each sheet has been run through the presses and finishing equipment.

Like shipping and folding cartons, some boxes are glued to join panels. This helps make both assemblies and loading your product a lot easier.

Many Mailer Boxes Wholesale are shipped flat to save on shipping costs but must be assembled once you receive them. If you order many boxes, be sure to get a team of coworkers or friends to help you assemble and fold your Mailer boxes.


Designing physical packaging does require some “thinking outside the box.” Designing Custom Mailer Box Packaging is more than just simply deciding what goes into your packaging. You’re telling a story with your brand’s message and communicating it on a physical product. Materials, shapes, and finishes will add an extra flair to your final product.

Our Custom Mailer Packaging Boxes protect your beautifully designed boxes as we acknowledge that protection of the packaging is one of the most crucial parts of the packaging.  You won’t have to worry about the shipment with our protection services.

We’re happy to help and guide you through the process at CBH, so your design comes out perfect every single time along with the best protection service.

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