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How to give your pet CBD.

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Pets can be very picky with what they eat, especially when you want to introduce a new substance like CBD into their diets. In this blog, you will learn how to Incorporate CBD treats and other products into the diet of your canine or feline friends.

CBD treats for pets.

Treats are one of the best CBD products for pets. First of all, your dog or cat is already familiar with treats and won’t be afraid to try them out. Secondly, they taste just as good, if not better than regular treats. Unlike some edibles for humans like brownies, CBD treats for pets don’t contain chocolate, and they are perfectly safe. Each treat comes with a specific amount of CBD so you know exactly what your pet is getting.

CBD oils.

CBD oils and tinctures contain Cannabidiol in a carrier medium like oil or alcohol. They come flavored with natural food additives to make them more palatable for your canine and feline friends. Giving your dog CBD oil directly may be strange to him at first, but eventually, he will get used to it. If your dog doesn’t like the oil, there are other more creative ways to administer CBD to him.

How to give your CBD.

It is important to give your pet the right amount of CBD- follow the manufacturer’s recommendation to get the dosage – typically 1-5mg /25 lbs body weight.

Treats are straightforward, your dog sees a delicious snack, gobbles it up, and you are done. On the other hand, your cat may not find the CBD oil palatable. You can bypass this by simply adding the oil to his favorite treat. Drop the recommended amount and let the treat soak it all up. Afterward, give your cat or dog the CBD treat. Don’t forget to reward him for good behavior.

Our pets have little control over what they eat. As a pet mom or dad, it is your responsibility to make sure you get the best CBD tinctures for pets. Before you buy any product, you should check for quality and safety. But how do you go about this? You can do this by ensuring the CBD treatment or oil is from a reputable source and has third-party testing. Independent, third-party testing gives a breakdown of all the components in the product. Laboratories present their findings through the Certificate of Analysis (COA). You should also make sure the treat or oil is made with hemp pesticide-free hemp grown in the US.

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