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How to fix the spray bottle pump mechanism?

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What are the Spray Bottles?

Spray bottles are used to spray the fluids. It is mainly used in cosmetics, cleaners, and chemicals experiments. In this spray bottle, the fluid is filled in the bottle and then with the help of the pump, the liquid comes out of the tip of the bottle with high pressure. The paint done by using the airless spray. flex sprayer are one of the most common paint sprayer that is easy to use.

How to use the Spray Bottle?

If you are using a spray bottle that is new then press the trigger many times to make a fluid comes out of the nozzle or a tip. If the liquid is not coming out of the tip then might be two possible issues are there

  1. Set the downstroke, not the upstroke just before starting to press the pump.
  2. A positive displacement pump is used to make a fluid comes out of the nozzle might be there is some blockage in it. Apply more force to it.

How to fix the spray bottle pump mechanism?

The spray bottles are used widely in the cleaning of the house. The design of the Spray bottles is made in such a way that accessing the last bit of the product. If the clogging occurs in the nozzle of the spray bottle then it will stop working. Some of the major problems are listed below with the remedy to fix the problem. The spring-loaded plastic is the reason for the pump spray operation. Whenever the pump presses the piston forces the liquid to come out from the bottle. Might be your nozzle is blocked when you are using it, maybe the inner tube is not dipped into the liquid.

Unblocking the Nozzle

When you are pressing the trigger of the spray bottle and the paint is not coming out of the Bottle spray then first you check the blockage in the nozzle of the bottle. For checking just unscrew the cap of the nozzle by rotating it then in the anticlockwise direction. Just rotate it less than a half and start spraying. If your nozzle was blocked then after this process your sprayer will start working.

But if your spray bottle is not working then unscrew the cap and remove it from the spray bottle and dipped it into the vinegar, hot water, or running water with pressure. If your bottle has hairspray in it then dip the tip of the sprayer into the alcohol. Hope these tricks will be helpful for you.

Lengthening the Tube

There is the long tube that is present in the sprayer. It is one end s connected with the Tip of the sprayer and another end is dipped into the liquid. If you are pressing the trigger of the sprayer and the liquid is not coming out of it then first check the nozzle blockage if it is not then next you have to check the length of the tube, that either it is dipped into the liquid or not. If it is not then dipped the tube in the liquid by increasing its length. Many of the sprayers are designed in such a way that the tube is extended to the bottom of the sprayer bottle.

You can simply buy the tube from any hardware shop just cut the tube to the required length and connect it with the tube. And connect the tube to the bottom with the help of the metal nuts these nuts will make the tube stick at the bottom of the sprayer.

Fixing Other Problems

If both of the above issues are not present in your sprayer bottle and still it’s not working then must heck the pump. Maybe the spring that connects the pump with the trigger is broken or maybe not at the position. It is not easy to access the spring but you can then buy the new spring from the hardware store and replace it.


These are some common issues that are present in the sprayed bottle and they are very easy to handle.

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