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How to Do Your Own Glitter Tattoos

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Temporary tattoos have been a party must-have for years. You know, those slimy decals you apply with a damp washcloth? But there’s something considerably cooler: glitter tattoos.

If you’re in a bind and need a glitter tattoo NOW (and who wouldn’t, right?), look for Michaels or Joann Fabrics, where they’ve begun selling tiny at-home kits. Those are acceptable, enjoyable, and beneficial for providing a burst of sparkle right away. However, there are some truly exceptional goods on the market that perform better and cost less if you’re doing glitter tattoos for a crowd of people.

Glitter tattoos, unlike face painting, require no special artistic ability. Anyone can create a glitter tattoo; they are not difficult to execute and don’t take much time. It’s a simple recipe that works every time. This is due to the fact that you utilize a stencil rather than drawing the forms yourself.

Simply apply the design to clean skin. I adore the fantastic stencils I purchased from Faketoos. They offered a number of top-quality Egyptian themes (out of hundreds and hundreds of other fantastic options), as well as nice pricing and fast and inexpensive delivery. The product, on the other hand, was fantastic. It was simple to use and remove the top layer; the edges were crisp and defined, but removing the stencil did not hurt the kids in any way. Faketoos has a long-term customer. They also have some excellent tutorials that go over all sorts of methods for applying glitter tattoos. Once the body paint has cured, sprinkle with glitter. Then, using a fluffy brush (like a blush brush), blow off any excess glitter.

I also obtained my body glitter hues and body glue from Glimmer Body Art. I bought the bigger container so I could use the “puffing” technique and anticipate (correctly) that my kids would be obsessed with glitter tattoos and desire many, many more in the future. I’ve never attempted to make my own glitter tattoos, but I adore their appearance. These will survive a long time because they’re so elegant. Because I purchased the supplies before the party, I’ve already put over 100 glitter tattoos on people and you can’t tell that any of the glitter has been used.

I love consumable favors since I don’t want to buy a lot of disposable trash that will be thrown away. This was a real hit, and it provided an excellent alternative to candy. (They had plenty enough sugar at the dessert table!)


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