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How To Convert PDF To Word on Mac 2021-22

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Apple Inc has already established MacOS as the most stable operating system in the world. Mac never disappoints its users with its functionalities and speed. However, the one disadvantage of this OS is that Mac doesn’t come with any in-built converters for PDF to Word. Word documents are mostly used in proofreading services. The security of the Apple ecosystems does not allow any third-party software to do the conversion. So, editing in Macs causes a bit of inconvenience.

PDF is one of the most globally accepted formats to share encrypted files. Many assignment help and essay editing service providers use convertors to transform the pdf files to word to review and edit. Word documents can be edited or changed easily to share with the corporate finance assignment help students.

Let us look at the ten best PDF to Word converters that are available for Mac –


Designers, architects, developers, writers, even accountants and HR executives use PDFelement for their daily job. This software is most useful for any situation where documents need to be processed, and PDF format is the main medium to circulate written information.

PDFelement is equipped with several useful features like adding or modifying elements like texts, hyperlinks, images, headers, footers, annotations, watermarks, and even any embedded media. You can create a PDF from another file format easily and accurately in no time. This software also has safety features like file encryption suite, redaction, and watermarking features, among many others. You can also fill, create and convert forms using its user-friendly interface.

Adobe Acrobat DC for Mac

One of the most popular enterprise-used PDF applications, Adobe Acrobat DC is a fantastic conversion tool for Mac. It boasts of an array of features like document management, conversion, editing, including creation, providing security, optimization, etc. However, the only complaint about this otherwise effective software is its very cluttered and confusing interface. This happens because the additions have been made without any notable upgrades to the interface.


Mac Play store has this beautiful application called PDFpenPro, which comes with a host of additional features. This is used for other jobs apart from file conversion. PDF editing, interactive form creation, OCR, digital signatures, and other functions can be easily done here. PDFpenPro is not among the most popular software, but its functionality is underrated. Many experts have touted this software as a proper “workhorse” or “clean installing application”. However, this software also comes with a couple of hiccups. The updates are frequent, and most of its best features are paid. This is the reason many domestic users get reluctant to use PDFpenPro.

Foxit PhantomPDF Mac

Foxit developed PhantomPDF as an out-an-out PDF editor tool for dedicated Mac users. It has an excellent conversion function. Users can edit PDFs, watermark them, add encryptions, annotate files, manage forms and add images and music in the background. This software has a clean, uncluttered user interface, making it a Mac-user favourite. The tools are also very easy to navigate and suit the Mac interface.

The downside of PhantomPDF is it has a small, limited number of supported file formats. This limits the options of creating and converting files as well.

Kofax Power PDF

The old Power PDF has been rebranded into Kofax, which has not altered any of the powerful performance Power PDF used to provide. Still, this software has a long way to match the before-mentioned software’s accuracy. The file compression is laggy, and it lacks the OCR function. Although it can perform batch processing and the conversion is also reliable, the hefty price tag proves to be a bummer.


This is the extension of the Wondershare PDF suite. This online extension has dedicated pages for every pdf function. The website is full of categorizations marking pdf tools, conversion tools, and image tools. The user can edit, compress, merge, split, crop, rotate, encrypt, unlock, rearrange pages, and dozen other functions from his website. The backend of this website is linked to the cloud; hence storage and backup are not a problem in HiPDF. It also supports some of the most obscure formats like DXF and Apple Pages, apart from familiar formats like Excel and PPT.

Google Docs

You cannot possibly talk about a website that can convert and forget about the world’s most popular online word processing website. Google Docs comes with a 15GB storage capacity and a Google account, ample space for domestic personal uses. Although Google Docs cannot process complex formats, the basic PDF to Word conversion can be executed with elan.

Nitro PDF

Nitro Productivity Suite came up with this free online converter. It is packed with Nitro Pro, a free desktop PDF editor, and Nitro Cloud, their own cloud service. The advantage of this website is all its activities are centralized in Nitro Pro, so it’s swift. However, the assignment help user can only convert five files per email.

PDF to Word Free

This is an in-house website from the house of Apple and is available only as an approved Mac Application in the Mac Store. This application can process bulk conversions and has multiple language support. The user can export in all the popular formats like .doc, .docx, and.txt. But its free version limits the user to only three pages of the pdf.

Doxillion PDF to Word Converter

This app has a unique feature that makes it very popular with some editors. Doxillion can select a specific part from a pdf and convert that to MS Word and the other text-based formats. However, this app cannot convert any image-based texts or even scan copies of PDFs.

Parting Thoughts

An excellent PDF to Word converter for Mac must offer certain functions that qualify them to be some of the best software and applications for Mac. They must be accurate, have multiple functions and features to process PDF workflows. Our research helped us to arrive at this extensive list of the ten best PDF to Word Converters that are available for Mac.

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