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How to convert HEIC to JPG on Mac

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Image formats have evolved to such an extent that today we can find extensions of the devices that capture the image. We speak, for example, of the HEIF format (High Efficiency Image Format) which is typical of Apple devices and whose extension is . Although it is Apple’s own it will also be present in Google’s Android P., HEIF is basically a replacement for JPEG.

To understand this a bit, we will say that the HEIF

Format creates images with a much smaller file size, but with a higher image quality than the JPEG standard. This will put HEIF on top of JPEG in no time and this action is achieved as HEIF makes use of more advanced compression methods and is based on HEVC or H.265 High Efficiency Video compression format.

To our knowledge, Apple integrates it in its devices

(since iOS 11) but the original developer of HEIF has been Moving Picture Experts Group (MPEG) and to give you an idea of ​​this improvement, it has been said that HEIF images can be half the size of a JPEG file, but retaining its image quality or even better, this will mean more storage space.

In addition to that, HEIF also adds features like transparency and 16-bit color or even add editing values ​​like rotation, cropping, titles, and overlays. Well, when you take a photo with your Apple device, it will save the image with the extension .head, HEIC is a container format thanks to which it will be possible to host and integrate sounds and images encoded with the HEVC format.

So far everything is fine but the (almost eternal)

problem when using HEIF (or .heic) is compatibility either to integrate it with files, multimedia or more, so in TechnoWikis we will explain how to convert HEIC to JPG in macOS in one go in a simple way and thus enjoy the traditional image format.How to convert heic to jpg on MacSince our culture is becoming more and more visual, many companies are paying more and more attention to the technical aspect of images and videos. What formats do they have? How are they encoded? What is the best way to process them? While it’s true that the formal process of switching from one widely accepted visual format to another takes some time, an occasional breakthrough might require some changes to your usual workflow.

That is exactly what happened with HEIC images.

Ever since Apple began adopting the HEIC format starting with iOS 11 in 2017, many photographers and other industry professionals have encountered unexpected incompatibility issues with the software they were using, starting with the basic question of how to open a file. HEIC on Mac. To answer that question, we have to know what HEIC files actually are.


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