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How To Apply For Student Visa of United Kingdom?

student visa of united kingdom
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To get the Student Visa of  United Kingdom, you must have few documents to show your eligibility for studies in United Kingdom.
The application process will take few weeks to get your Conditional letter from the university where you have applied. After that you received your Unconditional letter and after paying your fee you get your CAS letter.
In which include the information on the study course you plan to attend, the Application fees, and all the rules of the university.


The validity of your study permit depends on the duration of your cours. If you have applied in 1-Year degree programm than your will receive 16 to 18 months visa.

Application Fee of student visa United Kingdom:

An application fee of visa is £363 to apply for a Student visa from outside the UK.

Processing Time of student visa United Kingdom:

If you’re a student from outside UK and you are planning to study in UK. The Processing Time for Student Visa takes upto 3 months an average.

Financial Insufficiency for student visa United Kingdom:

To Have to prove your financial insufficiency when applying for a study permit in UK. They must show proof of your financial stability.
You must have at-least £2,668 in your bank account for 1-year degree program.

So, in this ways as mentioned earlier, you can easily apply for a Student Visa to United Kingdom.

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