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How Often Do Air Conditioners Need Service?

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With summer attainings its peak form, rooms have turned into sweltering jungles, and the only respite you have during this sweaty, hot, and humid climate is the air conditioner. Returning home after being under the scorching sun throughout the day and enåtering the room with the AC turned on is surely a soul satiating experience. 

But to enjoy the cold breezes hitting on your face during serene sleep at night, you have to keep the AC in optimal condition, not only during the summer season but even during the winter season as people usually shrug off AC maintenance when they don’t use AC. 

Although a single visit from a professional for air conditioner repair is enough, the main questions that pop into the mind of people are how often the ACs need service and which type of problems they can face if they ignore these necessary services?

Let’s get on board and navigate through the air conditioner service landscape discussed in this blog post. 

What Can Be The Root Cause of The Issue?

Poor air quality in your room equipped with an air conditioner can be a result of dirty air coils as such coils become a safe haven for the growth of bold mold and mildew. 

Apart from this, if the air filters of the AC haven’t been cleaned for eternity, it will no longer be able to keep pollen, dust, and other types of airborne particles at bay. These particles are usually filtered by the air conditioner before they can make their way to your body and when there will be no blockage from the AC, the indoor air quality will obviously plummet. 

There are many issues on the list that one can face in terms of AC like poorly functioning thermostats, leakage, and even automatic shutdown. Because the list of issues related to AC is endless, it is always a better idea to use a proactive approach rather than dealing with the issue when it has snowballed. 

If the issues are spotted during regular air conditioner repair or maintenance, then it won’t turn into a money-guzzler for the owner.

What should be the frequency of scheduling air condition service?

According to the experts, you should schedule a professional air conditioner service, not the DIY one, at least once a year. But if you want to be on the safe side, you should book an AC repair or maintenance service at least twice a year (once before shutting down the AC at the end of the summer season and then at the beginning of the summer season).

During the service, the AC professional will inspect the AC for possible issues, clean the ducts and the filters, and ensure that the AC is in its optimal condition so that you won’t have to deal with energy bill spikes. 

A better approach is to always schedule the AC repair service at the same time, every year. You can even buy the annual packages of the AC repair companies and then you can shrug off AC maintenance from your to-do list. 

What is included in an AC service?

  • Inspecting the blower 
  • Inspecting the pipeline 
  • Cleaning the filters 
  • Cleaning the ducts
  • Inspecting the power supply 
  • Inspecting the compressor 
  • Inspecting temperature, and much more 

What makes AC service so necessary?

Ideal IAQ

For ideal indoor air quality, it is necessary for your AC to always keep running in its optimal condition and that is only possible through proper AC service. During the AC service, both the air filters and the ducts are cleaned and thus, all those health perpetrators in the air are warded off from your body. 

Avoid costly repairs

During air conditioner repair or maintenance, the AC is inspected for all the possible issues and this means that any issue can be detected in its infant stage. And by dealing with it at an early stage, the AC professional avoids it from snowballing and becoming a costly repair for the owner.

Keeps energy bill under control 

A faulty compressor or a clogged air filter can make your AC work harder to maintain the right temperature and this will take a toll on your energy bills. A poorly performing AC can increase the energy bills as it starts to consume more energy than usual. This is another reason why one should never avoid scheduling AC repairs at the right time. 

Everybody wants to enjoy the winter effects in their room when the scorching sun has turned the outside into a sweltering jungle during summer but not everyone pays attention to the maintenance and service of AC. 

Just a single AC service scheduling in a year can keep many energy bills, health, and indoor air quality issues at bay. Therefore, find a local AC repair company and get the AC maintenance off your to-do list.

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