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How do I choose a dash cam for truckers?

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What should you do when an auto driver claims that you of damaging their car, but you’re innocent? This scenario is not uncommon among truckers and is why most drivers put dash cams on their vehicles. Truckers are faced with state troopers who are not always friendly and hostile car drivers and the dangers of the roads. However, you can avoid lots of hassle with footage evidence thanks to the cost-effective high-tech truck dashboard cameras.

So , what is the best trucking dash camera?

Features to Consider When Choosing best dash cam for truckers

What do you need in a dash camera? Do you want to bring home memories of your American road trip or protect yourself and your business of the trucking company in the case that there is an accident? Most drivers think it’s the latter and you’ll need these characteristics before you choose the right dash cam.

GPS: It is essential for the dash cam in your truck to include a GPS. GPS is more than an aid to navigation and records the time and location of events, making the device a factual and unquestionable when an incident is brought to the court.

If you aren’t able to purchase a dashboard camera equipped with GPS then you can purchase an GPS antenna to gain the capability. But, nothing can beat the time and place stamps on the actual footage of a dashboard camera with GPS.

Resolution: You may be wondering what the significance of camera’s resolution is in any way however it is important. The greater the resolution, the better the quality of videos will be. Make sure you buy the most expensive resolution that available, and preferably something that falls into the 2.5K Ultra High Definition category. You can discover high-quality cameras with this feature for a reasonable price.

Night Vision: The majority of fatal to-driver and fatal accidents occur during the night, because fatigue and lack of sleep have caused a lot of harm to the trucker. Not all drivers get enough sleep in their vehicles, even when they travel for long distances during the night.

Make sure you have a dash cam which can record events throughout the day, and even in low-visibility conditions. Cameras that have Wide Dynamic Range and HDR offer fantastic abilities to see night. A poor quality image won’t save you from disaster if something goes wrong. Be sure to have all the capabilities to record incidents live on your dash cam, to safeguard yourself.

Continuous Recording

This feature lets your dash camera to delete older footage once it is fully loaded to allow room for fresh footage. This way, you will are never short of storage and are able to record all that is before you with complete confidence. If your camera has high storage capacity purchase one of the 64 GB and 128 GB memory cards to benefit from longer recording times.

Dual Channel

Dash cams that come with dual channels are able to record what’s happening in the rear and front of your truck. Although the majority of accidents happen in front but being able to observe your rear increases your ability to take preventive actions prior to things getting out of control and become unmanageable.

A dual channel dash cam equivalent to driving with an extra pair of eyes in the rear of your neck. There is nothing better than having all-round awareness when carrying a heavy-duty vehicle across the country.

Impact Sensor or Motion Detector

Get a camera equipped with an accelerometer or G-sensor. The G-sensor is able to detect shifts in the vehicle’s center of gravity, for instance when it comes into contact with the ground or is struck by an object of a large size, like an automobile that is moving fast. Dash cams that have advanced G-sensor suites are able to lock in the precise time and location of collisions in real-time as the event unfolds.

Motion detection is a great security feature for when the truck is in a parking. If there’s an intruder it will trigger the camera and record it which makes it much easier to identify potential vandals or robbers.


It is recommended to purchase an angle-wide dash camera which will give you the widest possible coverage without obscuring your view. If you are able, get an instrument with a 180-degree recording angle. If your car’s dashboard isn’t able to accommodate this size, opt with 140 degrees, or the more standard 120-degree angle for recording.

Dash Auto Start and Stop

The top dash cams record every time you start the engine and stop recording when you stop. Most likely, you’ll be able to do this if the camera is powered by your vehicle’s 12V lighter in the cigarette. Some battery-powered cams include this feature, but batteries wear out.


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