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Hercules Action Game Review

Game Review
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In the side-scrolling action-adventure game Hercules, you take on the character of the powerful Hercules and embark on journeys that mirror the film’s plot. Players who have watched the film have an edge because it depicts Hercules defeating some of the same enemies you must eliminate in the game. 


Hercules is a 2-D side-scrolling game, but it has certain distinctive elements that set it apart from other games of its kind. Hercules can enter and exit background surroundings using the Z-axis, giving the game a pseudo-3-D appearance.

Hercules’ continual engagement with his surroundings is another element that makes the game very entertaining. For instance, you must use Herc’s incredible strength to lift massive rocks, toss them at foes, or push columns and other obstacles out of the path with his mighty fists.

Hercules combines the best elements of earlier 16-bit Disney games, including the behind-the-back running scene from The Lion King, the item system from Pocahontas, and the sheer joy of slaying bad people with big swords from Aladdin. 

Hercules may have drawn inspiration from its 16-bit forebears, but Eurocom upgraded this Disney game’s graphics, audio, and gameplay to the 32-bit standard as seen on here,


Hercules is a masterwork in terms of graphics. Cartoon-inspired graphics that seem almost as fantastic as the animated film give the game life. Over 10,000 animation frames were employed, which is a remarkable number, for the character movements. Additionally, Hercules’ universe contains a few 3-D components and items comparable to those in the film, such as the terrifying nine-headed Hydra that was portrayed using computer graphics. The game is more than just a 2-D side scroller because of the fluid blending of 2-D and 3-D items.

Despite being spectacular, the aesthetics only make up a portion of the experience. The audio and music are excellent and perfectly match the film’s musical score.

Hercules is a fantastic game with some of the best visuals and audio ever heard in a side-scrolling title. Although Hercules is an action game (as the title suggests), gamers who enjoy finding hidden objects won’t be dissatisfied. It can be finished in a week or less. However, this game is a must-have for anyone searching for some classic action.


Game overview Review

Hercules has a vast toolbox of skills to help him in the game. In addition to his standard sword swipes, he can also use combat weapons. These usually involve a series of punches or a foot stomp that shatter weak floorboards and disclose secret spaces. 

He can also use his incredible power to devastate the environment with a wind-up punch. In addition, different elemental swords can be used to perform magic. Occasionally, collisions can be a problem, but serviceable combat doesn’t happen very often.

Hercules is best characterized as diverse. It does something novel in each of its ten stages. This is primarily a platformer. However, it is not an easy one. You have the option to enter and exit the backdrop at different times. There are as many as four or five planes in some stages, each with adversaries and obstacles.

Hercules does a beautiful job of accurately reenacting the movie’s plot but also captures its tempo. Although there are ten levels, many of the finest are standalone boss fights. Epic set pieces like the battle with the Hydra and Medusa are among these. 

The majority of the levels consist of brief, auto-scrolling sections where your only difficulty is to avoid impending objects. Unfortunately, there are only four pure platforming levels because the mechanics perfectly lend themselves to it. Hercules would have been fantastic with a few more because of how well its mechanics work.

Disney’s Hercules 

Disney’s Hercules is a game that may be completed quickly. However, the save system is somewhat dated; thus, it is clear that the developers were aware of this. You need to find all four hidden vases each time for your data to be saved after a level. To advance, you must also gather every letter that makes up the word “HERCULES.” Finding the positions of the letters provides some replay value, although, in many stages, you can’t go back if you miss a letter unless you deliberately lose a life and are sent back to a checkpoint to try again. Additionally, it’s crucial to remember that you should play the game on Normal difficulty or harder to ensure you can complete the final two levels.


The whole thing is worth checking out, and the game begs to be played again and again, whether for speed runs or just casual play. You can find more about Hercules and many other games on the Parimatch site, which offers various gaming experiences and betting options.

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