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Kashmir Great Lakes is one of the most beautiful tours in India. There is no question. It confirms the mythical nature of Kashmir as heaven on earth.


This is because the trip is put on a bigger canvas than life. It is located 75 km northeast of Srinagar. Every day a 360 ° panorama of wild, rugged mountains, meadows, and blue lakes. And you find more than seven of these lakes and five very different valleys to explore!


The scope of the landscape makes it an extremely difficult six-day journey. This means it has long days of steep climbs and descents with no easy exits. Therefore, it is not intended for a beginner who has never been seen on a high journey.


Having said that, the challenges are worth it. Each day goes well with a postcard, with a new alpine pool you can look forward to. What makes these pools even more beautiful is the snow that eats these lakes. You can see them sliding down the desert into the lakes. Sometimes you will see snow-white icebergs floating in the blue ink area.


And then there are the Kashmir meadows. These meadows come in all shapes and sizes, sometimes several times a day.


On the first day, maple and pinecones grow like an oasis in these regions. the second day, they climbed into a cave and went down into a spacious valley where horses were galloping and sheep were grazing. On the third day, just below Gadsar Road, wildflowers grow wild in the desert. the fourth day, the grassy plain of Satsar looks almost perfectly prepared – there is a sparkling stream flowing through it.


After this tour, the rest of the trip sounds like a movie on a small screen. Kashmir Great Lakes, however, is an IMAX 3D experience – this is the beauty of the journey. If you have not already done so, put it in your bucket list.

What I love about travel

  1. A beautiful mountain range on a trip

Many hikes in the Himalayas have beautiful scenery. But Kashmir Great Lakes is at its peak. They have a greater presence than living near you. I would not exaggerate too much if I say that a trip to Kashmir is like watching the IMAX screen while the rest is on a regular TV screen. Kashmir – you hear it everywhere.


  1. Variety of valleys and suburbs

A trip to Kashmir Great Lakes has 7 days of travel. And luckily you also walk on 7 different valleys. In addition, each of these valleys, broadcasts each day of the trip. All districts offer tough competition in the district before and after the district.


Day 1: – Arrive in Sonamarg


Height: 7800 ft

90 kms drive from Shrinagar, about 3 hours.

If booked in advance, TTH can arrange to pick it up at TRC at 3pm

Our camping site is near the Sindh River (Shitkadi Village).

Since there are no stores nearby make sure you already have everything you need.

Remember to treat your ID proof with real copies and 2 photos as we should send them to the military checkpoint.

Day 2: – Sonamarg to Nichnai via Shekdur.


Height: 7,800 ft to 11,500 ft

11 kms trip, about 8 hours

After breakfast we head to Nichnai via Shekdur.

The trail runs through the meadows, dense jungles of Maple, Pine and Bhoj trees.

Half an hour later, we receive a military checkpoint in which we must submit our identity document.

While you are there, you can enjoy the spectacular views of the Sonmarg Valley or the Thajiwas Glacier.

The trek from Shitkadi to Shekdur passes through dense jungle and will take about two and a half hours.

At Shekdur, you can indulge in quick noodles and omelette if you like.

We follow Nichnai Stream as we travel from Shekdur to Nichnai.

We have lunch at the Nichnai River, after Shekdur.

Day 3: – Nichnai goes to Lake Vishansar via Nachnai Pass


Height: 11,500 ft to 12,000 ft with 13100 ft

12 kms trip, about 7 hours

The journey from Nichnai to Nichnai Pass takes about an hour and a half.

At the top of the Nichnai Pass you can find the B.S.N.L network, which is the last resort under the mobile cover area.

From Nichnai to Vishansar there is a descent.

At Vishansar camp, lunch will be provided.

We can visit Lake Vishansar which is a 15 minute walk from the camp

The first lake for the trip and one of the most beautiful.

If the trip is in July, the lake will be frozen. If not, we can fish in the lake with permission from the Srinagar Fisheries Department.

Vishansar is visited by herds of sheep and their shepherds are known for their fascinating stories.

The campground is a unique place with an open field and you can play volleyball, cricket etc.

Watch out for dogs in the camp area

Day 4: – Familiarity + Day Rest. (Term applies)


You can visit Kishansar Lake, 1 and a half miles from our camp site.

If the weather is bad we will spend a day in vishansar or move to the next camp, a day off can be spent at Gangbal camp.

Day 5: – Vishansar Lake goes to Gadsar via Gadsar Pass


Height: (12,000ft) to (12,000ft) by (13,750ft)

14 kms trip, about 10 hours

We start the journey earlier than usual.

The route passes from Vishansar to Gadsar, via Gadsar via the highest point of the journey.

From Vishansar, the trail takes a steep climb to Gadsar Pass.

We can see Lake Kishansar on the way.

From Gadsar to the camp area, we slowly descend.

We can see Gadsar lake

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