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Football is a real education

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When you think of Brazil, you are automatically drawn to the wonderful city of Rio de Janeiro and the vibrant energy and endless lifestyle of this fantastic place. The carnival atmosphere, the picturesque beaches, the lovely landscapes and the beautiful people are easy to imagine when you think of this wonderful city, but one thing stands out in the context of the country and the city and of course football or soccer. The world you live in.

There is no more love on this planet than in Brazil and especially in Rio

After all, there is the sensational Marikina stadium, with more than 200,000 spectators per game. The pitch may not have been ready for use until early 2013, as the country underwent major repairs and renovations prior to the 2014 FIFA World Cup, but there is another great stadium to capture a beautiful Rio style match.

The full name of the arena is Angelhood Botafogo or Staid Olympic Joao Havelange and So Januaries Vasco Stadium. Botafogo not only play home games in Ingenhaos, but also rivals Flamingos and Fulminous, which are not always popular with locals, but Rio is looking for a game that visitors can enjoy during their stay, more or less making sure that it is always there. Someone to watch. It’s nice to see and transport when the 277 bus comes straight from the ground to the city center Is a historic structure that is over 75 years old, which makes it a little old, but the shortcomings of its modern architecture fill it with the incredible atmosphere it can create. Sitting on a beautiful hill and designed on all four sides of a European-style terrace directly above the square, the sound throughout the house is deafening and definitely worth experiencing. Likewise, take the bus line, in this case number 473, and exit directly outside the stadium.

Initially, attending a football match in Rio de Janeiro would give visitors a true introduction to “real” Brazil, like the love and adoration of the game, a truly captivating and visual experience. Anyone who comes to live in the city for a while is interested in being close to all the major attractions, and as there is a great bus service to the football pitch, it’s definitely a good idea to rent an apartment in Rios. Main Beach District.

The first trophy Ronald won with the club was the FA Cup and in doing so,

The victories of the young players began to pile up as Ronaldson worked hard to develop as a player. He became the first player in the history of the sport to win all major PFA and FWA awards in 2007. He was compared to the best of his time as he was an even better than George Best of Manchester United.

Defeated Chelsea and won the Champions League with Manchester United. It was a great nba중계, with both English teams battling it out in the final and fans struggling to get tickets to Chelsea and Manchester United. Christian Rolando was the top scorer of the tournament and won the Golden Boot for this award. He has also won three major PFA and FWA awards this season.

In 2009 he moved from Manchester

United to Real Madrid for a record € 80 million. His contract made him the most rewarding player in the world and in one season he became a top scorer in Real Madrid history. He is the first player in Real Madrid history to score more than 50 goals in a single season. He has become the most productive player in La Lira history. He was again awarded the European Golden Boots for his performance, making him the first player to win a trophy in two different leagues.

Christian Ronaldson is a great player who has achieved a lot during his career. His biggest enemy is Lionel Messi, who plays in league rival Barcelona. The clash between two great players, Cristiano Ronal does and Lionel Messi is now commonplace to quote El Costco. This is one of the main reasons for the great ticket sales of Real Madrid and Barcelona, ​​because fans like to see both players against each other.


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