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spiti valley
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Spiti valley is surrounded by Himalayas and is situated at an altitude of 12,500 feet. It gets only around 250 days of sunshine throughout the course of the year. Winter is extremely difficult to travel in. The most ideal time to go out is between summer and winter, when temperatures are ideal for visitors. This is the top level at which motorbikes are permitted.


The area is surrounded by rivers, mountains, and forest, Spiti is the most isolated area within Himachal Pradesh. Spiti does not have a railway station or airport facility as of yet. The only way to travel is via road between Kullu or Shimla. Since Spiti doesn’t have its separate airport. The closest airfield to it is Kullu.. There are flights from Kullu that are accessible from Mumbai. The remaining distance must be covered by roads. The distance total from Kullu is 78 km. The mountain roads to Spiti are awe-inspiring. If you are looking for railways, Shimla is the nearest station. You can take taxis or buses to get to Spiti.



To enjoy a trip to Hunza and around the Spiti region, specifics regarding the weather are crucial. In summer, the most appropriate time is April until July. The temperatures are ideal to visit the colder regions of the world. Tourists are able to enjoy pleasant temperatures and sunny days throughout their journey. It is possible to enjoy the beauty of the landscape. The best places to visit are Chandratal Lake, Kunzum Pass, Dhankar Monastery and Pin the valley park. In monsoon temperatures range between 10 and 15 degrees, while at night, it is only 3 degrees. In Winter, this valley becomes covered in heavy snow. There is hardly any sunlight. The temperature is below zero degrees that feels like an endless snowy season. Visitors aren’t allowed to enter because of the severe weather. The daytime temperature is at 0°C. In the evening, it ranges from between -20 and 40 degrees.


Spiti valley is the perfect spot for daredevils and adventurous types. There are many options to take part in during your trip. The natural and climatic conditions allow for a comfortable exploration of the region. The mountains with glaciers, snowy peaks, rivers, and forests are ideal locations for a holiday. Here are some suggestions of what you can do and see during your stay in Spiti valley. Spiti valley is home to lakes, mountains covered in snow and monasteries, as well as forests for peace of mind. If you’re looking to be in the midst of nature and experience the beauty of nature This is the ideal spot. For those who are avid trekkers, adventurers, cyclists, trekkers, and campers, this location should be on your bucket list. This is a listing of the best places to go in the Spiti valley.

* Chandratal Lake

* Kunzum Pass

* Dhankar Monastery

* River Rafting

* Pin Valley National Park

* Buddhist Monasteries

* Camping

* Village Of Giu

* Baralacha Pass

* Star Gazing

* World’s Highest Post Office

* Nako Village Walk



When planning your excursion for a trip to Spiti valley, bear this in mind. It’s an unassuming valley, called The cold desert mountains of Himachal Pradesh. It’s a dry, frigid area, and you must stay warm while exploring. It is essential to bring items such as food, medicine clothing, warm as well as toiletries, shoes and ID proofs for permits. If you are planning to rent bikes or taxis, you must have the right documents to prove your identity. Because it’s an area that is remote it is more difficult to get a sense of connectivity to the network. There are only a few networks accessible to Jio as well as BSNL.


Spiti valley is an area that has not been explored located in Himachal Pradesh with a beautiful snowy valley surrounded by mountains and greenery. It is home to ancient monasteries dating back to the year 1000 with an impressive tradition of culture and history surrounding the area. It is an ideal spot for nature enthusiasts to appreciate the pure nature of the fauna and flora. For those who are planning snow-tripping or cycling explorers, put this area on your list. The climate is winter-like that lasts for a portion of time. Families and friends can enjoy their summer holidays away of the scorching heat going to Spiti valley. There are many places to visit such as Pin Valley National Park, Chandra Taal, Langza, Kibber etc that are filled with beautiful sights to take in. You’ll feel relaxed and rejuvenated after visiting amazing places like Spiti valley.


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