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Easy drawing ideas for beginners

Easy drawing ideas for beginners
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Easy drawing ideas for beginners. When we think of easy and cool drawing ideas for beginners, a branched thousand tree and sweeping landscapes are the first thoughts that are in our minds. Although these are among the easiest topics to draw for beginners, you should not limit yourself to them because the inspiration of art is everywhere.

Whether you are looking to improve your style of drawing or just want to inspire yourself quietly, these simple ideas are sure to help you.

Faces and expressions

Beginners often avoid drawing faces and expressions as they are considered difficult topics. Although the drawing of the full portraits will undeniably require time and practice to master, you can start your art journey with some basics, as follows.


Drawing a realistic eye is not as difficult as it has been done. The trick to perfecting it is small details. For example, instead of coloring the pupil completely black, include a small rectangle or circular patch to transmit the reflection of light. You can also try to draw a closed eye or an eye with a tear.


The drawing of the lips isolation can be an excellent precursor to moving to a full portrait. You can take advantage of the full, closed moving lips or inclining teeth to indicate a smile.

In addition

From the Scripture to climb trees – When it comes to describing people in action, there are endless options. Although a slightly difficult subject to try, this can be an enriching experience. Few other themes of action could be boxing, swimming, eating, or sitting in a leisure pose.

A famous figure

You have no lack but choices to pick from here. It could be a celebrity, a sportsman, or your favorite artist, you can try drawing a portrait even if you find it hard. After all, how would you like to learn?


If you cannot think about a pretty good topic, simply shoot your photo and attract yourself! Or better, hold a mirror to your face and practice!


A caricature is a portrait with too disproportionate or exaggerated characteristics. This creates a comic or grotesque effect while maintaining the resemblance. Although it is an art, you need a coherent practice to master, it is a form of fun art to attempt to be attempting.


Happy, sad, or scary, who is sounder than a clown to represent different feelings and sayings? Drawing a clown can be a great way to start with portraits because you have the freedom to experiment.

Cartoon animals

Who does not like cartoon animals? Not only are they fun to look at, but they also offer artists simple drawing options. You can shoot an animal from a popular cartoon or choose an animal of your choice and add a fun touch. The most common features of comics’ animals are their big eyes and expression of the human type.

  • # 1. Adorable Mickey mouse with his enormous ears, his white gloves, his red shorts, yellow shoes, and his smile iconic laugh.
  • # 2. Doraemon with her big eyes, cute round face, and red nose.
  • # 3. The astute bug rabbit with its long pointed ears, big teeth of silver, elongated eyes, and carrot accompaniment.
  • # 4. The malicious Donald duck with his ocher-colored legs and invoice, a blue sailor cap and a shirt, and the iconic red knot node.
  • # 5. Tweety, the pretty yellow canary with her big vitreous blue eyes and long bulky eyelashes.
  • # 6. Winnie the Pooh is the bear worthy of hugs with its adorable belly adjusted in the pretty red t-shirt. Do not forget the honey pot!
  • # 7. Snoopy, the precious white beagle with his pretty face. All you need are shades of black and white-colored pencils!
  • # 8. Goofy, the big dog wearing the famous orange turtle neck, black vest, coupled with pants and shoes. It is probably one of the most colorful cartoon animals.
  • # 9. Pepa pig, with his cute lying and his colored outfits.
  • # 10. Finally, the emblematic duo of Tom and Jerry.

Buildings or architectural structures

Whether you live in a lively city or in a quiet village, buildings and other architectural shapes are everywhere. You can select any building of your choice and try to recreate it on paper. Here are some simple design ideas for buildings or architectural structures.


High and imposing, the headlights are farthest the simplest structures to draw, draw, draw, or sketch. These are conical-shaped buildings that delete where a room is located with a lantern. Generally developed with red and white colors, for a more comfortable finish you can add waves of the ocean and huge rocks in its surroundings.

Eiffel Tower

In the form of triangles and constrictions, the Eiffel Tower is one of the simplest structures to draw in terms of buildings.

Urban landscape

The drawings and paintings of urban landscapes consist of large rectangular buildings with colorful glittering lights. Additional details may include roads, vehicles, persons, and blurred reflections.


Whether it’s a simple stone bridge on a river or famous bridges such as the Golden Gate Bridge or the London Bridge, they are easy to draw and make comfortable to the eye.

Ecclesiastical arcades

Ecclesiastical arcades

Majestic and Banal At the same time, the arcades of the church are not very easy to draw topics. But with lightweight details and other efforts you can grow satisfactorily.


If they are covered with Thatch or Ranch chalets, the houses are just one of the structures that are easy to draw or paint.


A typical castle drawing consists of a central conical tower, which is decorated with a flag and two support towers or with windows. You can add peaks to the stage for a surprising finish.


Simple and elegant, Parthenon’s façade is easy to draw with its upper and cylindrical triangular columns.


An old windmill consists of a higher dome, curved sides with doors and windows, and a central X-shaped fan.

The White House

The white house is a symmetrical rectangular building with a triangular roof, windows, and four columns on the front.

Trees / flowers / leaves

If there is a topic that offers many simple drawing ideas for beginners, it is nature. Mountains, forests, and streams with trees, flowers, and leaves, will never miss ideas for drawing. Take us a look at simple topics to start your drawing trip.


The bright sunflowers, beautiful and alive, are not easy to draw, but also a pleasure. A typical sunflower drawing has a round and brunette head with several golden-yellow lace petals surrounding them.


Tulips are beautiful flowers with U-shaped buds of different colors and a long slim rod.


Hibiscus is a trumpet-shaped flower with developed and cut petals and a thin stamen leaving from the center. His leaves are launched with a border.


With plains of pink petals in the form of a tear, a lotus can be light and hard to draw. Although petal shapes are easy to draw, it is difficult to obtain the consistency and accuracy of their size.


First, a rose seems to be a difficult task. But in reality is the drawing procedure as soon as you understand it, simply a combination of simple shapes and spirals.


Learn-shaped grazing leaves with shovel poplar leaves, they have many opportunities on this topic. You can either shoot a lonely leaf with complex details or a pile of leaves of different colors and sizes. Maple leaves are among the most popular and most beautiful to draw.

Pine Trees

The pines with their needle-shaped leaves are a popular topic in most landscape paintings. However, these triangular trees are also great independent drawing topics.

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