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Do Salmon Patches Go Away?

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Salmon patch refers to a common group of birthmarks seen in babies. The cause of the birthmarks is the expansions (dilations) in tiny blood vessels called capillaries. They may appear to be a cluster of reddish-purple capillaries. As per a study, out of the 600 newborn infants, approximately 59% struggle with salmon patches. Salmon patch is also known as angel kiss and stork bite. The condition is also called Nevus simplex, Telangiectatic nevus, or Unna’s Nevus.

Today, we will learn more about salmon patch treatment.

What is an angel kiss?

An angel kiss is a salmon patch that occurs on the face of a newborn baby. Angel kisses often fade by the age of 1-2 years. Some parents have also noticed that angel kisses temporarily darken and might appear again. Marks by angel’s kisses are located on the forehead, eyelids, nose, and upper lip.

What is a stork bite?

Stork bites appear on the back of the neck. They don’t tend to fade away completely but are generally covered by the hair (on the back of the head). They can show up anywhere on the face or neck and are comparatively darker than angel kisses. The marks usually remain until adulthood and are commonly lightened or cleared via laser treatment if they become bothersome in adult age.

Symptoms — Salmon Patch/ Angel Kisses/ Stork Bites

Salmon patches appear to be as dull and flat pink patches and most commonly occur at the nape of the neck, known as stork bites. Whereas the other type is angel kisses that occur over the eyelids, around the mouth or nose, and between the eyebrows.

The most common symptom in the case of a salmon patch is the appearance ​of a cluster of pink to reddish-purple blood vessels. They tend to appear darker when a baby is crying, agitated or excited. 

Salmon Patch treatment

Even though salmon patches are harmless and disappear with time, they can irritate your toddler’s skin. Therefore, it is necessary to treat them with the best treatment options available to reduce the symptoms and prevent them from persisting into your baby’s childhood. The doctor will diagnose the condition from appearance and location.

Dermatologists suggest a pulsed dye laser for shrinking down the affected vessels to make the bites or marks appear lighter. It is also suggested to consult a doctor if the skin bleeds and develops cracks. There are also chances that the area becomes darker or more raised or severe; you should immediately contact the doctor for salmon patch treatment.

However, there is no specific treatment necessary for curing a salmon patch. The patches on the face usually go away by themselves within a year or two. Parents are advised to treat the skin with gentle cleansing and moisturization, just as you would treat it on regular days. No prevention is required, and the condition is not contagious. 

Do Salmon Patches last long?

The patches present at birth usually disappear within two years before the baby enters childhood. Some patches might appear lighter, and those around the back of the head or neck are most likely to remain but appear less dark as time passes.


If you notice salmon patches on your toddler’s skin, you don’t need to worry. They are very common in babies. The condition will soon fade away as your child grows up. If the condition persists, you must immediately book an appointment with a specialized doctor to prevent irritation and permanent marks.

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