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Data Structures in GATE Computer Science Engineering Syllabus

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The Computer Science Engineering Syllabus for the GATE exam is released annually by the authorities on their official website. The syllabus is the first thing a candidate must know before starting the preparation. Candidates must see every topic in detail to score a good rank, as the level of competition in the GATE exam is very high. The GATE syllabus PDFs will be released by the authorities, which aspirants can download easily from the official website. 

Candidates should also check the information brochure containing all the other important exam information. Candidates should also check the exam pattern and marking scheme along with the GATE Syllabus of the exam, providing details about the sections and the marks they carry. The distribution of marks in the sections depends on the subject. Generally, the General Aptitude (GA) syllabus will hold 15% weightage, while the subject you choose endures 85% weightage. Some papers like humanities and life sciences have different marking schemes.

DATA Structure

A data structure is a particular way of organising data in a system. It is also used in data management and storage in such a way that it helps us use data more effectively. There are two types of data structures. They are:

  • Linear data structure
  • Non-linear data structure

Linear data structure: The elements in linear data structures are arranged sequentially, and every element is connected on both ends to the previous and next elements. Because of the arrangement of the elements in a sequence, only one element can be accessed at a time. Linear data structures are easy to implement. 

The types of the linear data structure are:

  • Array
  • Stack
  • Queue
  • Linked List


Non-linear data structure: The elements in non-linear data structures are not in any sequence. Since the arrangement is not sequential, the data elements cannot be accessed in a single run. They are arranged hierarchically, and two or more elements can be connected to an element.

Types of Non-linear data structures are:


The data structure is a vast topic in the computer programming world and very important at the same time for the GATE exam as well. Students appearing in the Computer Science and Engineering GATE examination need a deep understanding of the whole concept of data structures. There are different types of data structures in computer science. And most of these types are included in the GATE exam. Students must go through all of them if they want to clear the concepts and do well in the examination.


The different types of data structures are:

  • Introduction to Array Notes
  • Linked Lists Notes
  • Binary Heaps Notes
  • Heap Sort Notes
  • Binary Search Trees Notes
  • AVL Trees Notes
  • Graphs and Their Applications
  • Trees
  • Stacks and Their Applications
  • Queues Notes
  • Introduction to Recursion


Candidates might now have got an idea about the topics included in the GATE Syllabus for CSE (Computer Science Engineering). We have discussed very briefly about data structures here, as our main aim is to give an overview of the topic. Candidates must work hard and know every topic in detail and have clear concepts. GATE aspirants need to understand these topics or any other topic in the syllabus, as every topic is equally important. More than 1 lakh students apply for this exam every year. Hence the competition in CSE in the GATE Exam is very high. Therefore, candidates who wish to get a job at PSU or enrol in M.Tech courses in the best institutions must work hard and smartly to score the best rank.

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