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Crucial facts regarding the overall process of Breast Reconstruction

Breast reconstruction Market,Size Share
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Breast reconstruction is the overall surgical process of recreating the entire look and shape of a breast, commonly in women who had surgery to cure the disease of breast cancer. It primarily involves using prosthetic implants, autologous tissue, or a combination of both with the target of reconstruction of a natural-looking breast. This entire process often also involves the restructuring of theareola and the nipple, which is also known as NAC (nipple-areola complex) reconstruction, as one of its final stages. In a general scenario, the aesthetic appearance is acceptable to the woman, but the reconstructed area commonly becomes completely numb afterwards, which primarily results in the loss of sexual function as well as the capability to perceive the pain caused by burns and various other injuries.

Breast reconstruction can primarily be performed either on an immediate basis or by following the mastectomy or as an entirelyseparate procedure at a later date, which is also known as immediate and delayed reconstruction, respectively. There lie various different factors based on the decision of when the entire process of breast reconstruction will occur. Breast reconstruction is usually a large undertaking process that mainly requires various multiple operations. These subsequent surgeries can be spread out over weeks or even months.

There are primarily two main types of breast reconstruction surgery after mastectomies.

  • Flap reconstruction

In the case of flap reconstruction, the surgeon takes tissue from the patient’s own body (autologous tissue) and utilizes it to create a breast. Mostly, they take the tissue from the lower abdomen (i.e. the belly portion). But it can also come from yourback, thigh, or bottom.

  • Implant reconstruction

In the case of implant reconstruction, the surgeons use silicone or saline implants to recreate the breast tissue. Oftenthe surgeons use an overall combination oftissue and implants from the patient’s body. Implant reconstruction can occur along with a mastectomy.


Market Scope of Breast Reconstruction

In 2020, the overall valuation of the Global Breast Reconstruction Market share was around USD 2.51 Bn, and It is predicted to reach a landmark of approximately USD 4.391 Bn by the end of 2028, representing a CAGR of 7.1 % throughout the projected period of 2020-2028. Breast reconstruction is the surgical process which is mainly performed among womenwho have previously undergone breast cancer surgeries.

As per WHO (World Health Organization), in the year 2020, around 2.3 million women worldwide were beingdiagnosed with breast cancer resulting in about 6,85,000 deaths. Also, in the year 2020, approximately 7.8 Mn women were diagnosed with breast cancer and were alive over the last five years, thereby making it one of the world’s most dominant types of cancer.

Global Breast Reconstruction Market: Recent Developments

  • On 29th of May,2020, GC Aestheticsintroduced the “GCA Comfort Plus Warranty,” which mainly provides free of charge breast implant replacements,specifically in the case of capsular contracture or rupture post-implantation surgeries. Also, it offers automatic as well as retrospective cover for BIA-ALCL free of cost.


  • On 19th of Oct, 2021, Sientra and Mission Plasticosintroduced the ‘RESHAPING LIVES FULL CIRCLE,’ which is an excellent initiative to offer reconstructive breast surgery specifically for post-mastectomy among women who are mostly living below the poverty line. Moreover, it is being funded by a donation of approximately USD 1 Mn by Sientra.

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