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Does New Construction Affect the Value of Your Home?

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Many home purchasers assume that purchasing a newly constructed house for sale is a better investment than purchasing a “used” one. A brand-new home should have low maintenance and repair expenditures. The building materials, systems, and appliances should be code-compliant and energy-efficient, and the floor plan and amenities should meet the needs of modern life. And the house should be ready for occupancy. New building or renovation raises the value of your property, and these minor adjustments increase its profitability. A new home also appeals to consumers on an emotional level. There will be no wear and tear, and you will not have to deal with someone else’s preferences or mistakes—at least, that is the assumption. Click here to see luxury apartments for sale in Lahore.

Methods of appraisal include the cost approach and the sales comparison technique. The income approach and the cost-benefit analysis are used to evaluate the value of a newly constructed house.

A variety of elements and characteristics influence the value of a home. In the real estate market, the hedonic regression pricing model is widely utilized. Therefore, to increase the value of your house and attract potential buyers, upgrade features based on the buyer’s intentions and needs. The pricing model based on hedonic regression

Determines the worth of a property depending on its characteristics:

Size Appearance/ Appearance



The area’s crime rate

Schools and amenities in the immediate vicinity

Water and air contamination levels

The value of other nearby homes

Development, in general, attracts people who want to live in places where there is growth, which means more jobs, housing, business, and transportation. This means that new construction generally increases the value of surrounding properties.

What factors determine the value of a home in the first place?

Demand and Supply

As we have lately seen, supply and demand have a huge impact on the housing market. Simply said, as the supply of homes drops, causing an inventory shortage, property values rise. There are fewer sellers than buyers when there is a shortage of real estate inventory.

To make matters worse, the building materials and qualified employees required to create new residences are in short supply. The persistent scarcity of available real estate inventory has driven up property values across the country. Buyers participate in bidding wars to secure a home from the local inventory, as a short supply of available homes meets strong buyer demand, driving up property values. Normally, neighborhoods have 15 to 20 properties for sale, but right now there are only four. So, if any of those are desirable, the owner will get top price for their home,” Lance explains.

Because the physical elements of your home deteriorate, a modern property will be worth more than an older one. Your home’s worth is assigned by appraisers based on the number and severity of repairs that must be completed. According to Benson, a well-maintained older home with a solid foundation and structure, as well as functional systems, has a greater value.


When done correctly, remodeling raises the value and marketability of your home. You may find that a home similar in age, size, and layout to yours has been appraised at a much higher price than yours. The most likely explanation is that the house has been updated. Homes that have been upgraded with new features or layouts attract more homebuyers and higher offers. To increase the worth of your home, renovate it in accordance with the most recent updated models.

It may be difficult to distinguish between new construction, remodeling, and routine maintenance. And the Assessor frequently treats them in a disparate manner. Therefore, in most circumstances, new development increases the value of an existing property. Repairs are considered ordinary property maintenance and do not affect the evaluation. Depending on the scope of the remodeling, it may result in an improved

Zone of Location

The zoning of a home affects its market value. Municipalities use zoning to establish municipal regulations that restrict how property can be used within a specific geographic area. Therefore, a property’s use might be categorised as residential, commercial, or industrial. More specific examples include low-, medium-, and high-density residential zones.

Real estate values rise as a result of a range of factors, including the development of neighborhood amenities and the introduction of younger homeowners into the market. The time and location of these factors determine their impact on the value of your home for sale.


When calculating the worth of a new building, only the improvements that have been made are considered. If construction is ongoing, an estimate of the value of the finished component is added to the property’s assessment. The cost method is commonly used to value property expansions. The cost approach takes into account all costs that are commonly incurred during the construction process. These “whole economic expenses” include the market value of labor, supplies, permit fees, contractor overhead, and profit. This provides a base year value for the project’s new construction alone. Any leftover enhancements that were not built from the ground up will keep their base year value. Click here to search luxury apartments for rent in Lahore.

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