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What are the Different Types of Cloakroom Basin?

Cloakroom Basin
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The bathroom makeover planning involves various important decisions. Choosing the perfect fittings and fixtures according to your personal preference and bathroom layout is among the top them. You will have to decide which toilet you want and what bathroom furniture unit will best fit into the space. Although it may not be easy to choose between various available options, things become even more tricky when you have to choose a fixture for your small bathroom or a cloakroom. Luckily there are specially designed fittings and fixtures available, like a cloakroom basin, for such space. However, once you decide about the small sink for a bathroom, there are even more options to choose between different types of cloakroom basins. Unless you know all the options available, it can be difficult to make the right decision about it. 

Why Cloakroom Basin is Important?

As it is clear from the name, the cloakroom basin is an especially designed sink option that is suitable for a cloakroom or small bathroom. Bathroom sinks are available in various shapes and sizes. But not every shape or size can be a perfect fit for your bathroom. The most important consideration for the perfect sink is the availability of space. You can not choose a basin that is too small or too large for the space. A cloakroom sink depending on the type you choose can easily fit into even small spaces. These have a space-saving design that is great for most bathroom décor. 

Different Cloakroom Basin Options

There are various cloakroom basin options available, as discussed here in this article. 

  • Cloakroom Sink Vanity Units. 

The first option that you have available for a small bathroom is a cloakroom vanity sink unit. It is a combination of bathroom vanity and sink. Together these offer the ultimate space-saving design that can be a perfect fit for your small space. These are available in both freestanding and floating style vanity units. As the storage is under the sink, you may no longer need to spend time and money on the separate sink. The great thing about such sinks is that they are suitable for both traditional as well as contemporary looks in the bathroom.

Another space-saving basin option that you may have available is the cloakroom sink and toilet combo. These are similar to the cloakroom sink vanity units with a small difference. A toilet bowl is fitted right next to the vanity, offering you almost everything you may need for the bathroom. The toilet has concealed cistern inside the vanity. So, it’s a back-to-wall toilet Where its WC not only conceals the cistern but also has a sink fitting over them. You even save more space with everything available as a combination unit.

Cloakroom Basin

  • Wall Hung Sinks. 

These are a perfect space-saving alternative to pedestal sinks. These have a floating style where it fits on the wall. All the ground under remains clear, creating an illusion of space in the bathroom. Moreover, all the pipes work, including water supply and drainage, remains inside the wall. That makes it a minimalist option that is a perfect fit for most small bathrooms. 

  • Corner Basin. 

You may have noticed that the bathroom corner is the space that often goes waste. There is nothing we can put in the corners. So, there is not much use for it. However, there is a sink option that is suitable for a corner fitting. It can incredibly help for space-saving purposes. Such sinks are also available in different sizes and shapes. 

Final Thoughts about Cloakroom Basin

When it comes to upgrading your cloakroom, you have various cloakroom basin options available. We have discussed various shapes that include wall hung sinks, combination toilet sinks, cloakroom vanity units, etc. You can choose anyone from the list, ensuring it may it can fit in your space and has the style you want. You can get all types of bathroom fittings and fixtures at Royal Bathrooms online store in the UK. 

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