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How Can You Bring Your Family While Studying in Canada

Canada Family Immigration
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Canada Family Immigration

Leaving behind our family when we move overseas for a job or education-related purposes can be a very emotionally challenging thing to do. If you plan on studying in Canada, you needn’t miss your family!. You can take them along with you for your period of stay on the completion of certain procedures.

The Canadian government has provided international students with the eligibility to do so. In this article, we would like to provide you with comprehensive information regarding all matters related to bringing your family with you while doing your studies in Canada.

Visas for family members

You may need to apply either for an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) or a Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) depending on your country of citizenship, that allows your family member to travel to Canada. If they are accompanying you to Canada, they can either join you after you have arrived or apply for a visa at the same time as you.

To ensure the admission of your family member/s to Canada as visitors for the entire length of your study period, send them copies of your documents such as Temporary Resident Visa, Study Permit, and Passport to present to the authorities at the Canadian port of entry. Most of the spouses/ partners often choose to come to Canada as visitors first and then apply for a work permit once they are in Canada.

Bringing a spouse or common-law partner to Canada while doing studies in Canada

Your common-law partner or spouse is very much eligible for an open work permit. They can take part-time or full-time work with any employer in Canada without needing a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) while are doing their studies in Canada.

Upon completion of your studies, if you are granted a post-graduate work permit, your partner or spouse can renew their open work permit as per the duration of your post-graduate work permit. For your spouse to be eligible for an open work permit, you need to work in a NOC skill level of 0, A, or B at the time of your application decision.

Bringing kids while studying in Canada

If you are a parent intending to study in Canada, you are very much eligible to include your children in the study permit application. Any child under the age of 22 or over the age of 22 who has largely depended on the parents for financial support since before the age of 22 and is also unable to self-support because of physical or mental condition, constitutes a dependent child. The child will be issued a visa authorizing their stay in Canada for the same duration as the parent’s permit, once the study permit is approved.

In Canada, all children 18 years and younger are allowed to study in Canadian secondary and elementary schools. Most Canadian schools are public, hence free education would be provided. Canada has a global reputation for providing the best quality education for students.

Canada’s school system

As per Canadian law, all children must attend school. Even the children of parents who are in the country temporarily for study or work purposes should abide by this law. Canada has an exceptional educational system, giving the best education to all children.
Canada’s school system comprises the elementary school and the high school, composed of twelve grades. A student would begin with Grade One and after one year would move on to the subsequent grade on successful completion of the academic year.

On successful completion of Grade 12, a student can receive a high school diploma which makes them eligible for studies at a university or college.

Impacts on Study Permit Application

The decision regarding the approval or the rejection of the study permit by the immigration officer can be impacted by the inclusion of the spouses or children. In some cases, including family members on a study permit application can suggest that a person intends not to study in Canada, which can lead to refusal of an application. If an applicant is worried about such a scenario, the best thing to do will be to travel to Canada independently and then later apply to bring their children or spouse.

You can consult with a legal representation if you have concerns regarding including your family members on your study permit.

Staying in Canada after finishing studies in Canada as an international student

Being an international student in Canada can give you varied benefits like increasing your eligibility for a PR, giving you access to apply for more immigration programs, etc. Your work experience, study experience, your proficiency in English or French language, can all contribute to your eligibility. If your partner has good work experience and language proficiency, that can also increase your chances of eligibility. If you intend to immigrate to Canada permanently on completion of your studies, you are most likely to do so through the Express Entry System. Such a system pools together all eligible candidates and consolidates all the three major categories of federal economic immigration.

A Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score is given to every candidate in the pool and the highest-ranking candidates are issued invitations to apply (ITA) for permanent residence, periodically. Your CRS score will have a great impact depending on whether or not you are applying with an accompanying partner. If you have a partner who has been working and living in Canada, it can increase your CRS score.

If you and your spouse, both submit profiles to the Express Entry Pool, you can double your chances of receiving an ITA. Taking into account your partner’s experience, they can be deemed eligible for the submission of an expression of interest as a principal applicant to the Express Entry.


Making the right choices in terms of your immigration and study permit application is essential to ensure that you are successful in your attempt. Get connected with the best Immigration Lawyers in Canada to discuss your best options regarding studies and immigration to Canada.

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