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AWS Solutions Architect Job Interview General Questions

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Amazon web service is web service which is done by the application based things. It is one of the best method to achieve the best things in the best manner. It is being used in rapid manner by the public to get the users acquainted by the people. The web servers are the loading webpages who are currently using web services like the purchasing capacity and bring something through the online form. It is helping very much to get the things done in the easiest manner. Amazon is providing  some of the social services like donation to the charity or the needed person.

The person can easily access to the things in the proper manner with no much worries. It is also allowing for online purchases which is consist of the things which are not been taken as the things are done. It is very much amazing than the other websites. The amazon is very much helpful to the new comers to do the strategy to take some of the initiatives like the things are taken. Amazon web service  is consist of web storage of data’s. The web storage is very much helpful to the initiative which are being storing lots of data. There are some of the people who are using it for the gaming purpose. There are some of the new features which are being not to be settled and it can be done with the progress of the further. AWS is taking the responsibility for designing, deploying and developing cloud application on the Amazon web service platform. It is having the credential that after completion of the job it will be going to provide all the essential things at the minimum time with no worries. In the following are some questions:  

1) What do you understand by Amazon web service?

Ans: As we all know that AWS Certification is refer to Amazon Web Services and it is also known for the cloud management also. It is also offering the computing services that has done lots of people to believe on the website of the amazon. It is also giving the content delivery with the short period of time. It is one of the most famous website which is doing the great things.  These services are mostly used by the teenagers and the highly scalable products, reliable goods, securing the transaction and providing the inexpensive goods. 

2) What are the main elements which are present in AWS

Ans: The following is consist of different elements which are present in AWS:

Route 53: It is one of the important part of the function which allows the server to connect the user.

Simple Storage Service (S3): It is one of the most widely used AWS storage web service which allows to get the things to be delivered at the minimum amount of time.

Simple E-mail service: Amazon is also providing the job opportunities to work as an e-mail representative in the land of services.

Identity and Access Management: This helps to identify the user and provide them one time password to connect more . 

Elastic Compute cloud: This is referred as ecosystem central piece. It is responsible to create a unusual demand of the people and then the selling of the goods are increased directly. 

Cloud watch: It allows the controller to look after the metrics and move further in the way. It is one of the best function which also gives the support of alarm to user also.

3) What do you mean by AMI? What does it include?

Ans: As all we know is that AMI is Amazon Machine Image. It is a template which allows to create a new type of image through which the virtual things will be based. It is one of the sensible product in the amazon web service. AMI is include of the different things which are based on the followings: 

  • A root volume template that should be show once a user visit the website.
  • Launch permission before starting of any of the program, it should be recommend which one the user wants to get. 
  • Getting one approximate amount of data which will be used while getting the things to reload in the user device.


4) Is vertically scale is possible on Amazon instance?

Ans: Yes, vertically scale is possible by the user on making it on the Amazon instance. This is one of the common feature which is featured in the AWS certification  certified interview question.


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