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A Mesmerising Experience Rafting in Kundalika River

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Very wonderful with umpteen number cascades, lavish greenery and the spellbinding Sahyadris, Kolad is a significant vacationer location in Maharashtra, particularly because of its methodology towards water based experience exercises and comparable exercises. Kolad is a tranquil yet dynamic area that offers experience sports like boating, rappelling, kayaking, rock climbing and a lot more obviously Kolad River Rafting has acquired conspicuousness in the travel industry area in the new year. 

Mall town in the Raigad area

This small town in the Raigad area gives the beautiful nature before the guests most extreme joy and fervour. The Kundalika River is the main consideration behind individuals’ decision to do wilderness boating in Kolad. It is one of the quickest streaming waterways in the south that makes it ideal for experience filled boating alongside other experience sports and exercises. Amazing strongholds, dams, cascades and so forth have their own effect on the mentality of individuals coming here as they are rivalling each other to command notice from the guests. 

There are many visit organisers to offer you the best and genuine boating experience. Experienced pontoon aides will give you appropriate directions and prepare before the action. The interesting rapids in the waterway will guarantee you experience at its best. Boating in Kolad should be possible any time during the year since the stream will stay flawless consistently obviously, rainstorm has unique interest in Kolad with the goal that a large number of the experience sweethearts appreciate being at Kolad during the stormy season when the rapids may grow up to another degree of experience. 

 Kolad Climate

Climate over time is ideal for boating in Kolad. Climate in the district is sticky all during that time and holds very little of shocks for the guests. With regards to the Kola boating campaign, nonetheless, guests generally favour storm season (June to September). Boating in this locale during rainstorms is an astonishing encounter. The environmental factors are altogether the greener, the falling cascades and thundering water in the stream takes a stab at an exciting boating experience. 

Thinking about comparable climate conditions consistently, Kola boating can be capable of any season. For individuals who are very little acclimated with ‘weighty’ precipitation can take an interest in boating during the winter season (October – March). While for the individuals who head to water spots just with the point of beating the warmth can make a beeline for Kolad during summer season (March – June). Nomatter what season you picked – the rich greenery, shocking cascades and thundering stream take a stab at an exciting boating experience. 


Kundalika River is a dam controlled stream, the boating movement is directed over the water delivered into the waterway. Which began a couple of years back has now formed into a potential boating objective in India after Rishikesh. 


Kolad River boating guarantees you with a nerve exciting encounter by taking you through various degrees of evaluations. While here you will confront following evaluation levels: 


Evaluation I : 

Get prepared to float your pontoon through difficult situations. Develop your group and prep up with all the wellbeing gear as while paddling through these evaluations you may have to chip away at your moving method in light of the fact that the experience is going to get somewhat harsh from here. 


Evaluation II: 

The second you enter this level, you will be invited by seething white water. Support yourself as you are probably going to meet unexpected drops. Beat the little waves ascending high to lead forward with no tumbling. While moving through these evaluations, ensure you have a superior strategy arranged as a top priority – develop your group for an exciting boating experience.


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