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A Guide to Fingerprint Time Clock for Workplaces

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The fingerprint time clock, also referred to as the biometric fingerprint time clock, is a machine generally used in offices for safety purposes. Along with safety, it also provides various other services. For example, it is also required to track employees’ attendance easily and automatically.

The biometric fingerprint time clock is designed to track and calculate employees’ wages with accuracy without any errors. Here we will look at the working of the fingerprint time clock.

How does a biometric fingerprint time clock work?

  •   Lon into the device go to profiles option
  •   Select the profile option and add the identification number you want
  •   First, select the biometric option and then select the option enroll
  •   Tell the employee to scan their fingerprint by placing it on the fingerprint the scanner
  •   After the fingerprint gets detected, the process is one.

The User’s positive reviews on a finger time clock:

These are some of the fingerprint time clock reviews given by customers.

  •   Users find it highly accurate in all aspects. Especially on the attendance part.
  •   Eliminates the wastage of paper, books, etc., as manual entry is not required anymore.
  •   It boasts the motivation of employees.
  •   It, most importantly, simplifies the payroll process for employers.

List of fingerprint time clock no subscription:

Here we have mentioned some fingerprint time clocks with no subscription procedure –

  •   Total pass fingerprint time clock
  •   NGTeco time attendance e machine
  •   Compuma tic XLS bio v2
  •   Timebox silver snow wifi time clock
  •   Uattend BN6000 time clock


In today’s era, it is always suggested to have a fingerprint time clock in your office as an employer; No one can cheat using this machine; it saves the data with complete accuracy. As we have mentioned above, it has so many good features at such a low price. Some machines not only track onsite employees but offsite ones as well.

Its prices are so low that even the smallest of the company can afford them. It makes the employers work hassle-free. Also, some companies give one year warranty on their product, so it is always good to have this machine in your company. 

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