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9 Ultimate Ways to Upgrade Your Window Curtains

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The possibilities of upgrading the window curtains are endless. Many of them are easy to implement and do not cost too much money. This simply means that you can take your home décor to the next level simply by upgrading your custom curtains and window treatments in Pacific Palisades. Let’s start!


  • Layered curtains– Adding two or more layers to your curtains does not only add dimension to your curtains but also allows more light to enter your room. You can start with shades or blinds and install curtains to approx. six inches above the window. This also creates an illusion of a taller ceiling.
  • Change the attachment style– Currently, you may have curtains that are sewn together at the top with a rod running through the curtains. You can switch to other attachment styles. For instance, there are tab top, eyelet, and other attachment styles that can entirely change the look of the curtains. Explore different attachment styles. You will have many options. And accordingly, upgrade the window curtains.
  • Choose different opacity levels– The window curtains come with room darkening, opaque materials, sheer, and semi-sheer. You don’t believe it, but the window curtains with different opacity levels can bring a significant change to the aesthetic of your home. Choose according to your exact requirements. For instance, sheer curtains allow more light to pour in, while blackout curtains and room darkening are used to prevent your home from extreme heat and cold outside. This also means that room darkening and blackout curtains act as a great insulator.
  • Upgrade your curtain with different curtains– If you use thicker fabric for the curtains, the more opaque your curtains will be. However, if you use fabric like lace, cotton, and linen, then a large amount of light will enter your room. On the other hand, there are silk and velvet fabrics that are used to create sound-absorbing. The options are many, and the choice is yours.
  • Change the curtain rods– A new curtain rod will give you a new appearance. You can try champagne silver and rustic bronze rods for a sleek and modern appearance.
  • Add trim– This is another interesting way to upgrade your window. A simple touch of trim can transform your curtains and, ultimately, the home décor. Take a ribbon and line it up along the one edge of the curtain, and then attach it to the fabric using an iron-on mending tape.
  • Increase the length of your curtains– Increase the length of your curtains by sewing fabric to the bottom of your curtains. This will make your window appear bigger and make your home look more spacious.
  • Use tiebacks or holdbacks– These are another great way to accent your curtains. Choose jeweled or rope tiebacks to upgrade your window look.
  • Paint your curtains– Take a paintbrush to paint your stripes, delicate flowers, or polka dots to beautify your curtains and give a unique touch to your space.

The closing notes

These are some innovative ways to upgrade your window curtains and give a unique touch to your home décor. Similarly, you can upgrade your window drapery treatments in Malibu in unique ways to enhance your home décor.

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