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8 Types of Casket Flowers That Will Make a Funeral Look Absolutely Stunning

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Funeral Casket Sprays


Sprays and casket flower arrangements are used for condolence.

They contain a mix of flowers such as lilies, carnations, roses, chrysanthemums, daisies and irises. Casket spray usually comes in two types:

  • A Coffin Sprayer
  • A Standard Sprayer

Most florists ensure that they make their coffin sprayer affordable and make several combinations of the flowers mentioned above as a visual treat.

Coffin Decor


Flowers are usually placed on the top of the coffin. Your usual options are a wreath or casket flower arrangements. And contained in these can be a variation of flowers.

This article will focus on the most common flowers, why they are used, and the meaning behind them at funerals.

Flowers present a unique way of remembering a loved one, family member or close friend. They act as a conduit between you and the person who has passed to symbolise a memory and a trait they left during their time. Flowers also add a splash of colour and a warm feeling to what is a sad occasion.

Before just telling a florist “to make something nice for me,” it is worthwhile getting to know the real meaning behind each flower, colour and what it represents in your farewell message.

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8 Types of Casket Flowers.

These are flowers that will add a personal touch to the proceedings.

You want the flowers to tell a personal story when the day comes, so here are 8 tips to help you choose the right casket spray for the day and make you feel comfortable.


If you’ve heard someone say, “This reminds me of a funeral home,” there is a good chance there are lilies nearby. Lilies are the go-to funeral flower as they emit a robust aromatic essence.

Lilies are used as a sign that the deceased’s soul has now returned to peace and innocence.

Note: In Christian circles, the lily symbolises virginity, purity and the soul’s radiance. In Christian literature, it is written that the Virgin Mary had her tomb covered in lilies.

Peace Lily Plant

Along a similar line to the flower, the peace lily plant is known to symbolise the rebirth of the soul departed along with innocence. The soul’s rebirth is in a greater place than our complex physical world.

Note: These can also be sent to people who are immediate family to the deceased. They will offer comfort in someone’s home or office as they are a robust plant that can last for some time.


Roses along with lilies are standard at funerals and appropriate, with each colour of a rose carrying a different meaning.

Deep Reds are a classic and evokes grief and love.

White symbolises purity, spirituality and innocence.

Yellow Roses are given, showing the bond between you and the deceased.

Dark Pinks are the rarest roses used to symbolise thankfulness towards the deceased.

Note: Roses are a great addition that can be mixed with multiple sprays, a standing spray or even a wreath.


Orchids are a welcome addition to any funeral spray; the meaning behind orchids is clear “I will always love you.”

Note: Orchid plants are a unique gift that can be used other than on a funeral day. They can make a special gift to one of the immediate family or friends as, unlike an orchid in an arrangement, they have a good shelf life at home or in an office.


‘Mums’ as they are fondly known, can have different meanings depending on where in the world you are. In North America and Europe, the meaning stands for sympathy and honour, with the red representing love and the white symbolising innocence.

Note: In Asia, they symbolise rebirth and are more suited to baby showers than adult funerals.


Carnations are common in both funeral wreaths and also on standing sprays.

Each colour has its own meaning.

Red is a show of affection.

White still is a symbol of innocence.

Pink is widely used in Catholic and Christian funerals due to Christian writing depicting they were created from the tears of the Virgin Mary.

Note: The carnation is a very versatile flower and can be used by skilful florists to create flags, logos or activities that played a part in the deceased’s lifetime or other personalised ideas.


Hyacinths play a more versatile role in addition to other arrangements. They have multiple meanings ranging from ‘deep anguish’ to ‘ you are always in my prayers’.

Note: There are beliefs that the flower can represent games and sports, so ensure you get it right and don’t insult anyone.


This is one of the rarer flowers on the list as it is not as well-known as the others for the meaning it represents. The common belief is that it is a symbol of genuine heartfelt emotions.

Note: Again, like the peace lily, giving the plant to someone close to the deceased will last much longer than the cut version in a spray on the day.


This can come as a surprise to many people who don’t attend many funerals. But don’t leave anything to chance, especially if you are reading this article from outside your place of birth. Finding a knowledgeable florist who will give you the time to explain your relationship with the deceased will ensure you get the right message across on the day. Good luck.

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