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7 reasons to build a new website for your business

importance of website for business
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Are your website results not as you expected? Although you’ve known for many years that a new site should be created, is this still true?  Your website is crucial because it will be the first point of contact for many people who come to your site.

The first interaction between a company’s majority of customers and its business is online in 2022. The business website does not have to be static. Presenting a website with an unprofessional or archaic design to users is one of the greatest mistakes that can make.


7 reasons to invest in a new website

Your company’s website should be the top priority of your digital marketing strategy. Ask An Digital Specialist to audit your website and give you suggestions. It is not enough to have one. Your website must reflect the goals you are aiming for and communicate the message to your users.


Your website is outdated

It’s essential to stay current with digital marketing technologies and trends so that your website is always relevant and easily found.

Your website will be difficult to navigate on smartphones and tablets. Instead of zooming in and scrolling left to right, users will abandon your site before they read a word.

Google has also started to prioritize websites that use a responsive design that is compatible with any screen. This is why you should invest in a new website. It also brings us to the second point in this article.


It doesn’t produce the conversions that you want

If your website is well designed, it will attract prospects interested in your product or service. You just need to keep them informed. Your site may not be receiving this information.

A well-designed website will generate search engine traffic and answer users’ most frequently asked questions. It should also convince your ideal customers to get in touch with you.  Design is a key part of this process.


Isn’t enough social proof

Today’s world is becoming more social. Social networks allow us to share our lives online with friends, family, and companies.

The opinions of other users on a brand are an important factor in influencing user purchases. Review and testimonials are becoming more important than ever. Almost every platform has a section for them.


Search engines are not optimized

SEO is something you have probably heard of before and perhaps wondered if it was something you should be interested in. If your company has a website, SEO is very important.

Search Engine Optimization is a strategy to make your site more visible to search engines. Google and other platforms offer a great opportunity to be found by potential customers. It is, therefore, crucial to rank well in search results.

You can improve your SEO site in many ways, but if it is not up to date, you will need to create one.


Your website design is not responsive

As stated in the first paragraph, today’s most popular website visits are from mobile devices such as smartphones.

It is very difficult to adapt a website designed for computers to work on smaller screens. Your website must be responsive to attract customers and new opportunities. Visitors who visit your site will choose to leave rather than learn how it works.

Mobile design is a must for any business looking to establish an online presence.


Flash is used to create the old site

Flash was the best way to make your site dynamic and futuristic in years past. Also, Flash has been discontinued by most browsers over the years.

To keep their eyes open, some companies have converted flash content to readable formats. However, this is a mistake. Websites created in flash are slower, less SEO-friendly, and have very limited usability on smartphones.


It is too textually rich

Users are more inclined to avoid sites that have too much text. To make it easier to understand the structure, use larger fonts and break up text with images. The user will have a better experience and search engines will appreciate the site more.

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